The Sir. Community - BattleDirector (BF2/BF2142)



Sir. Elxx from The Sir. Community has released the latest version of BattleDirector.

Description BattleDirector is an application for Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 movie directors. It streamlines the moviemaking process by allowing filmmakers to go from BFR to AVI in simple steps. The simple GUI provides all the tools you need with one-click access.

What's New in 1.5? • Full Battlefield 2 support • "Hide HUD" option added (note that the Battlefield engine automatically hides it when rendering) • "Play Audio" replaced with "Open Demos Folder" for easy access to rendered files • The Launcher window now resizes gracefully • New method of launching the game, should be more stable

Click Here For The User Guide

Stay tuned to The Sir. Community site (http://www.SirCommunity.com) for more updates on this wonderful program. Head here to visit the official forums.


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