Total Battlefield 2 Map Pack 3



Yes, it's that time again! The Total Battlefield 2 Map Team has been hard at work on a successor for their incredibly popular first and second packs (which have tallied up over 100,000 downloads from the various mirrors to date). Today the team is proud to present their third Battlefield 2 map-pack for release, they're confident the quality of maps in this release even surpass the two previous. The pack is made up of various tested and tweaked custom maps made by the community.

The maps included are:

* Insurgency on Alcatraz * Codename Valhalla * Operation Power Failure * Operation Yellow Dragon * Bocage 2005 * A.T.O.M

You can view more information about each map here.



After a lot of hard work, the TotalBF2 MapTeam can finally present to you mappack 3 as a gift to the BF2 community. We hope you will come join us to play these maps.
Now for the maps that are in the pack:

Insurgency on Alcatraz
Created By: Alpha MRE
Mercenaries have taken over Alcatraz and several hostages on this tourist attraction. They have made demands for large amounts of cash and threatening to launch poison gas rockets over the entire San Francisco Bay Area if demands are not met. The US does not negotiate with this form of terrorism and a US strike force has been sent in to clean up the mess.

Codename Valhalla
Created By: Pirelli
USA is sending special units to take over a Chinese biological weapons factory after defeating Chinese defending airforce in the area. China have not had any time to prepare a counterstrike yet, so the special forces must try to be swift and carry out the mission before Chinese reinforcements arrive.

Operation Power Failure
Created By: Sascha "BlackJack" Matouschek
On the early morning US troops attack an energy power station in the Near East.This power station has to be conquered, in order to disturb the armaments industry of the MECs. Without this power station all production in the area fail, which are for the MEC of highest priority for the production of armoured vehicles.

Operation Yellow Dragon
Created By: SpFreak
After the successful landing on the chinese mainland, the american forces secured a strategic part of a railway close to a chinese chemical weapon storage facility to ensure supplies and the advancement of further allied troops. The storage facility has to be taken at all costs to cut of the supply of chemical weapons. Should the mission fail, further allied losses would be immense.

Bocage 2005
Created By: Mr.Burns[GER]
Long after the bitter wars in the Bocage region, there is renewal in the air! Now there is also renewal in the places of war as well entire San Francisco Bay area if demands are not met. The US does not negotiate with this form of terrorism and a US strike force has been sent in to clean up the mess.

Created By: SpFreak
After the american forces defeated the chinese army on all fronts, the chinese commander-in-chief withdrew to his underground bunker refusing any surrender and even threatening to use nuclear weapons should the american forces not withdraw. In order to bring an end to this war as soon as possible, U.S. special forces have been ordered to infiltrate the bunker facility and to get a hold of the chinese commander, dead or alive.

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