Tour de Mountain



this is a very nicely done map for the people that like to mess around, racing around and just having fun :)



'Tour de Mountain'

Racing Stunts Map,Can be played in normal game mode,best played in Mods like Jet powered, Fastmod, hoover and stunts mod

 Race course on top of the mountain
this track has ramps on one side and lots of wreakable objects on the other, the ramps are small and friendly and a few bridges. 2 bases 

 A small mess around track, is on the lower ground this is more to smashem up objects track, 2 bases also theres a ramp over a fishing ship aswell, which is at the end off the drop zone 

Drop zone is a small base it has 3 spawn points with one of them at 300 metres above, the goal is to land half way down the Mountain were i have put some tansport 

 Launching Town, is an area were you can launch onto a ship, land, over a river, and you can launch high up, also theres a few courses you can make around this area, eg bridges over river, around the ship.

 Launching base, has a long bridge and at the end. etc 

 Jets 8
 Tanks placed around the map 
 Jeeps placed in many areas of the map
 Half truck humbees
 Lots of wreakable objects
 Mec Vs Usa teams

This is stunts map Use mods to unlock the launch areas, use the commander for Supplies 
i have added many supply crates around the map, however they just blow up after a while 


Battlefield 2/mods/levels/
this can only be played in Mutiplay only and not in single player

(Map by Sir.Karate hand.)

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