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A new USMC vs China community built map has been released. TimeRift Productions build a fast and furious map that's sure to please in...


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A new USMC vs China community built map has been released. TimeRift Productions build a fast and furious map that's sure to please infantry-only map fans. Set in a heavily wooded area, the action gets intense on this small and challenging map.

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TimeRift Productions 

in association with 

TimeRift Tournament 



TRT Kampinos Woods 


Ottasen and Pulaski 


World War III in Europe continues unabated. NATO forces 
are on the offensive pushing back the communist Warsaw 
Pact forces of the SSSA alliance. 

In their drive eastwards, forward elements of US armed 
forces close in on the city of Warsaw, as the Soviets put 
up stiff resistance all along the front. 

SSSA Sit Rep: 
SSSA defenses in the Warsaw region hold fast. The 
Kampinos Woods nuclear storage facility is being 
evacuated as a precaution. Key components have already 
been moved to a safe location. Your orders are to hold 
off any potential enemy attack until the facility is cleared, 
however, headquarters does not anticipate any action in this 
area. Artillery, UAV and scan assets have been moved 
closer to the front to support our comrades who are in direct 
contact with the enemy. In the unlikely event of enemy action 
in your sector, you will be on your own, however, you will 
have supply drop aircraft at your disposal. Defend the facility 
at all cost. 

NATO Sit Rep: 
NATO received intelligence from Polish resistance about a 
secret facility in the Kampinos Woods. Satellite recon shows 
heavy vehicle movement. It is thought the facility contains 
intercontinental ballistic missile parts. It is critical you secure 
the area before more equipment is moved. Kampinos Woods 
is on the edge of our operational range. Our artillery is out of 
reach and UAV and scan assets have been allocated to the 
frontlines and will not be available. You can, however, count on 
supply drops. Your forces will be inserted into the region using 
bad weather as cover. Secure the facility at all cost. 

Map Notes: 
This map is designed for the TRT Mod, hence the NATO vs 
Soviet Union scenario. It is now being released to the general 
BF2 community as a USMC vs China map. 

The map is exteremly small and takes place in a heavily wooded 
area with no vehicles. This is pure infantry combat. There is no 
artillery, UAV or scanner ability, so Commander, you will have to 
win this one "old school." 

Squad leaders: make sure your squad members are "Support" to 
resupply you with ammo and that you have at least one "Medic", 
since resupply and medical opportunities are scarce. 

You need a main base and two other flags to start the bleed. 
Capture times on the main bases are very long, so attacking 
squad leaders are advised to let their men move in first to secure 
the site. 

This is brutal fighting in hard terrain hampered by trees and 
heavy undergrowth. 

* You may get stuck trying to get out of the water in certain areas. 
* Shadows were not generated, as BF2 Editor demanded 950 hours 
to do this. The map plays fine without them. 
* Don't look for flag poles, you will not find them. TRT maps do not 
use flags, your only indicator of flag capping will be visual under the 
* This map is a BF2 conversion of BF1942 "ASW Kampinos Woods" 
and a Silent Heroes re-deux "TRT Finnskogen." 
* The map is copywritten and may not be altered in any way. 
* You may not include this map in any mod without permission. 
* You may not use this map as part of any events without permission. 


Have fun in the woods! 

/s Pulaski 
/s Ottasen

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