Urban Raid



Jones From the Battlefield Singleplayer Community has created a awesome map.


Version: 2.0 Fixes: skyscraper fix because of black flickering from far, navmesh update, expandet combatera on 16 to avoid dieing bots, waterplane on hotel delted because of collision problems,... Gamemodes: conquest, coop, singleplayer Layers: 16, 32, 64 Special Features: ah-6 littlebird variants m82a1 barret pickupkits, custom skyscraper model, custom soldierskins, flying seagulls lol Crdedits: Map, Skins: JONES<> SP Support: Zinnstein, EzPiKnZ SKyscraper: SatNav Littlebirds: USI Mod Team (thanks for permission by [BSS-USI]Guedo) M82A1 Fix: Kysterama Flappy Seagull: ??? Links: http://battlefieldsingleplayer.planetbattl...spy.com/forums/ http://usi.blacksandstudio.com/ Description:

The raid of the USMC on this middle eastern city is a important keypoint in the southeastern campaign in iraq. The usmc squads need to get control over the city and the surrounding villages and hold them until support arrives to ensure further contol of this area.Two MEC regiments have control over this area they will mobilise all there support to defend the city!

Note to all low end users You need to set geometry option to middle or higher to avoid some latley lod problems...

This is and will be my bigest project i ever did for bf2, i hope you enjoy this map as i do, i know that the map is very objectheavy and need a lot of hardware to play it on highest settings! However i put many work into this map and it took me almost three months if not more to finish it up, if you have any problems or bug reports please post them at the bfsp forums!



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