War in Iraq - Used for Video



This mini-mod will make the map 'Strike at Karkand' seem like the video that was released yesterday here:




War in Iraq - The Movie Mod


This is for SinglePlayer only (but can be used online as well more info at bottom)

Reduced Fog
No map boundaries (however if you go Reaaaaaalllllllly far out of the map you will still die.)

USMC vehicles
the F18
the BlackHawk
the AttackChopper
the buggy

MEC vehicles
the Mig29
the MI17
the AttackChopper
the buggy

as well as all the original vehicles! (some USMC vehicles have been moved to new spots)

Bots will use these vehicles and actuly arent bad with them, they may crash on
takeoff from time to time though.


open the zip archive and you will see 2 folders named bots and map
the bots folder contains files that will change how many bots you can have

the map folder contains the new vehicles

Step 1 adding more bots (skip to step 2 if you've already done so before or know howto yourself)

inside the "bots" folder you'll see these folders
127 bots
63 bots
49 bots
31 bots
Original BF2 botfile

these are all presets I have made that you can try out to get comfortable with
the number of bots vs system performance ratio you want.

Open the folder with the number of bots you want to have and you'll see a file called

Extract or copy this file to your

Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\AI        folder

and click yes to overwrite

I recommend keeping a backup of this file before u replace it, if you didnt I have provided
a backup original in the folder Original BF2 botfile

If your game crashes or goes incredibly slow, select a reduced number of bots and try again.

Step 2 adding more vehicles

in the folder "map" there is a file called "server.zip" and a folder called "the original BF2 Strike at Karkand"
just in case you forget to backup your original map and cant play online anymore!

To install extract or copy the "server.zip" file to your

\Battlefield 2\mods\bf2\Levels\Strike_at_Karkand        folder
and click yes to overwrite

I recommend keeping a backup of this file before u replace it, if you didnt I have provided
a backup original in the folder "the original BF2 Strike at Karkand"

More Information and insctructions on editing my mod

I HIGHLY recommend playing with at LEAST 31 bots as with all the new vehicles there will
be alot less action on the ground!

All the bot files i have provided has the AI locked at Medium difficulty (i think its Medium anyway)
Theres nothing i can do about this but is VERY easy to change yourself
open up your prefferd AIDefault.ai file with notepad and look for the line


I think Easy is 0.4
Medium 0.8
and hard 1.0

Before editing the file uncheck the Read Only box by click properties on it
and after editing check the read only box. The reason for this is somtimes the bots go messed up
if the difficulty is custom set without read only on.

To change the number of bots yourself use one of the files I provided and add at the end of this line


to whatever number of bots you want

As for the map, if you are unsatisfied with my fog settings browse my server.zip for the file init.con and sky.con
in init.con there is a line called


the default for this level is 140
my setting is 800
I recomend not going above 2000 as there are somtimes many graphical glitches


now open sky.con
at the very end of the file theres the line

Renderer.fogStartEndAndBase 0.00/800.00/2.30/0.40

(if your using my fog its set like that)


Renderer.fogStartEndAndBase 0.00/140.00/2.30/0.40

(if your using the original BF2 level its set like that)

change the 800.00 to the same value u specified above for fog

.con files can be edited with notepad

You may notice how cramped the runways are ESPCIALY THE MEC ONE LOL!!

Theres nothing i could do about it and i wanted to keep the vehicles as close to the outpost as i could.
If your having trouble taking off try holding down Shift (afterburner) and keep pulling up.

If you find your battles seem to short, theres an easy way to make them longer.
while playing the game open the console ~ key and type in

sv.ticketratio x

where x is the number you want, I like 1000
after that type in


the round will begin with alot more tickets!

If you're looking to play this mod online or on a lan with a friend ensure you are both using the exact same settings
example same fog, same number of bots.

the person who wants to host get your IP from www.whatismyip.com 
tell your friends.
then start a singleplayer game with your Online profile, if your friends go use online profiles and and click connect to IP
then enter the host IP they should be able to connect (i've done this a few times works great)

Unable to connect?
Ensure your using the same version of BF2
ensure your using the exact same setup of my mod

still not working?
sounds like you may have a router/firewall problem, try geting someone else to host
if that doesnt work You'll havta research your router or firewall to figure out howto
open ports for the game. Please do not email me about this as every firewall and router are differnt, I WILL NOT KNOW!

Legal Stuff

This mod is created by Nathan Skar and I give permission for re-releasing with custom modifications as long as you agree to these terms
1.The mod will be called "(your name in plural form) edit of War in Iraq movie mod"
2.You will email me to let me know of your mod
3.You will state that it is a modified version of Nathan Skar's mod which was used to film the video War in Iraq


created by Nathan Skar
[email protected]

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