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Version 3.0 is out get it Here

This mod sounds very interesting



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Version 3.0 is out get it Here

This mod sounds very interesting

This mod changes the weapons and vehicles in the game (BF2) to be more ridiculously unrealistic, but make the game more fun. If you are looking for a realism mod, this is not for you, but if you are tired of realistic stuff this mod is for you.

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Download '' (5.24MB)

-All weapons have a LOT more of ammo (up to 1000)
-All recoil has been removed
-C4's damage decreased
-Spec-ops given more C4
-C4 blast radis increased!
-AI names changed
-includes instructions to add more bots.
-Support weapons fire their respective teams APC main gun round
-Sniper rifles fire artillery
-Spec-ops have Heli auto-cannon rounds
-Assault rifles with no GL fire the hydra rockets
-Assault rifles with GLs fire 50 cal. rounds
-Submachine guns fire the tank shells
-Shotguns fire 8-20 grenades with every shot
-AT weapons have from 5-10 rounds in a mag
-GLs have 10-15 rounds before reloading
-All soldiers have unlimited sprint
-Increased the distance gernades can be thrown
-Increased grenade damage and blast radis
-All pistols fire a C4 explosion
-Works in Singleplayer, coop, and conquest

WTF mod v2.0 Change log

-Gravity reduced
-all vehicles made much faster
-tanks main guns are auto
-APC main guns do not overheat
-APCs given more TOWs
-Reloads made faster
-able to place up to 100 pieces of C4 at a time
-Changed some kits to carry different weapons
-Shotguns now fire 30 grenades instead of 20
-AT rockets fire UAVs
-GLs have more ammo per mag
-AA Vehicles have more missiles + unlimited flak
-Stationary TOW/Hj8 are Auto
-Mounted MGs fire TOW missiles
-AA turtes are auto
-most handheld weapons blast radis increased
-planes have much more ammo
-gave most weapons a burst that fires all the ammo in the mag, or half and so on, but it's a lot ;)
-increased the AGMs blast radis alot (but I'm not so sure that it worked)
-still works in CQ, SP, COOP
-I think there are a few I can't think of right now.
NOTE!!!: Delete any other versins of WTF mod before installing V2.0

  1. Extract the "WTF mod" folder to you Battlefield 2/mods directory, default is:
         C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\WTF_mod

  2. Copy all maps you want to play to the WTF mods level folder, default:
        C:\Program Files\EA Games\Battlefield 2\mods\WTF_mod\Levels
  3. Drag the shortcut onto your desktop.(optional)

  4. Play the mod by going to the community button > coustom games > WTF mod and press start.

  5. Have fun!


    Do not upload this mod to another site and take credit for it.
    Do not modify with out the author's express, written permission.
    You may upload this file to another sit if you leave all files that were in the folder 
          when you got it in and give me credit for makeing the mod.

If you find any bugs or have any sugustens, post here or e-mail me at

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