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We are finding it more and more interesting and hard at the same time to come up with more and more ideas for this crazy mod. But we seem to keep out-doing ourselves each time. Soldiers, we have an entirely new way to move around in the battlefield. The 4.0 version includes dark magic, jet packs, Pistol Grenades, and FISHIES!!! Soldier, read more below.

Since this is the first time making a post here in our new home, let me update you with some information about the mod. This news post will provide insight on the new weapons, vehicles, and physics that you will encounter with this mod. We are currently on version 4.3 of this server side mod, which shows you that we have been updating this mod on a weekly basis. So far, each week brings in new weapons and bug fixes. We are determined to bring you the best in what we can offer for those who are fans of the Crazy Ballistics mod.

As always, we want you to give us new ideas for things you would like to see, such as new weapons or vehicles that would be more interesting to you. If the ideas are great, then we'll add them!

Let's see what the previous versions of the CB offers players before we touch up on what the 4.x versions offer.

Version 3.x and earlier versions brought us to the point where we could finally open our doors to the public and announce to the world that we had something fantastic to offer the community. The weapons alone were to die for. 3.x offered us knives that we could throw great distances to either strike death into your opponent or bring back your teammates. The stock sniper rifles allowed us to one shot kill infantry up to 50 meters and allowed us to disable vehicles in one shot. Since version 3.x, we can no longer one shot kill infantry, but we can still disable vehicles in one shot, which is handy if you want to keep yourself stealthier and there's a gunship near by. In the early days of the orbital launcher, we found that this weapon alone was the most powerful weapon in the game and could kill anything in one shot at any distance. The orbital launcher has gone through many changes since then and is a deadly one shot kill weapon within 5 meters and can lock onto heat sources, such as gun ships.

The sudnik has not changed much since the early days of the demo days where we were working on version 0.5 and 1.0. It still fires the high velocity, high impact shock grenade which will cause headaches for the enemy team. The standard AA guns and AV (Rail) guns have probably been the headaches of the entire mod. Although these two weapons have had the most changes since their introduction into the mod, these weapons have always been the disappointment to the mod, and are rarely used among fans. They are usually either overpowered, or underpowered, and never do the effect that the author, AwesomeATrain, has wanted them to do. We are still looking for great ideas for these two weapons.

For those who use them, shotguns have always been the joy of shotgun lovers in the mod. Although these have been slightly modified, they do provide the most joy if you are successful in killing your enemy because they will send your enemy's dead corpse flying across the map preventing their teammates from reviving them.

Version 3.0 brought something new to the mod that no other mod has seen before, the HAVOC weapon, which went through several stages before being perfectify perfect. The HAVOC weapon (HMG) shoots a barrage of 120 missiles at your enemy in full auto and can empty that entire clip very quickly. Each missile fired is capable of ripping through infantry and lightly armored vehicles causing massive damage. The major draw back with this weapon is the fact that it can't be used at close range for it is a long range weapon. If you want a short range weapon then you will want the flame thrower (LMG). The flame thrower is capable of settings anything on fire and can blind both you and your enemy. For more information about the flame thrower, read the PDF file which can be located at the download section of this website.

Version 2.0 introduced shock grenades on a string which were very popular among fans. Shock grenades on a string would propel any player or vehicle soaring into the air with a massive explosion that could be heard across the map. However, due to spamming of these grenades and fans complaining, they have since been removed and version 4.0 introduced just regular shock grenades. And speaking of grenades, the EMP grenade has also had an upgrade as well as the smoke grenade. When a player throws one EMP grenade, they end up throwing 16, and when a player throws 1 smoke grenade, they end up throwing 8. This provides players more functionality without having to waste any extra ammunition.

If you were around for the demo days, you would know about the AHUB-31. The AHUB-31 is probably the most forgotten weapon in the game by players. Players are so used to the AHUB-31 being a harmless ammo hub that they forget it is a powerfully explosive device. The AHUB-31 is an advanced Anti-Personnel Mine with an explosion radius of 360 degrees. It can stick to any vehicle and can be detonated manually by the owner. And speaking of APM's, the stock APM has been upgraded with new technology that prevents most players from bypassing them. However, if you are slow enough, you can pass by the new APM's without them detonating. And if a player detonates an APM, good luck trying to rescue them, for their bodies will end up flying a few hundred meters.

The recon kit brought us some new changes such as the MPE and the Zeller. The MPE or Multi-Purpose explosive is the replacement for the RDX and has multiple applications. Once placed, the RDX has a 10 second timer that once hits zero, activates a motion sensor that looks for vehicles. If a vehicle passes within a few meters of the MPE, the motion sensor detonates the MPE sending anything around it flying. This means that the MPE can be used as a booby trap, timed explosive, manual explosive, and more importantly, a land mine. The Zeller, which is the unlocked sniper rifle, is a one-shot kill weapon up to 100 meters that kills infantry and lightly armored vehicles in one shot. Players will need to learn this new weapon has it has a charge time from the time you fire the weapon, to the time the bullet is fired.

Squad leaders will enjoy their new unlocks. The recon drone is a MKO which stands for Massive Kamikaze Option, which allows the squad leader to either remotely detonate a massive charge which will destroy everything around him, including him, within 15 meters, or an auto detonate option, which will detonate the charge after 5 seconds upon his death. Squad leaders will need to use this option with care because it will kill his teammates as well if they are around him. All MKO's have an added feature of an auto detonate option, even if the squad leader manually detonates the charge, which prevents enemies and friendlies from taking his pack after his death. The sentry drone has been also upgraded with entirely new software, which allows the drone to be a stand-alone drone and fires faster, and its response time is much quicker. Squad leaders will enjoy the fact that they can place 2 of these at one time. Last, all squad leaders will get an ASB, or advanced squad leader beacon, even if they have no infantry in their squads. The new advanced squad leader beacon allows squad members to spawn directly onto the squad leader beacon without the use of pods. This allows more stealthier attacks and will enable the ASB to stay alive longer.

Portable shields are now launch platforms for infantry and sentry guns are more of a common place to guard important areas. Players will find that the Pilum can't kill anything near them. It is important to know that the Pilum is an extreme long range weapon and can only be used in access of 150 meters, which on some maps, the maximum distance view is 150 meters. This is because the Pilum is a PAC (Portable Artillery Cannon) which can devastate a massively large area for long periods of time.

Please be aware that this is just a quick over view of some of the weapons. This doesn't cover any of the awesome new vehicles which you will find in the mod.

So the next big question is, what does 4.x offer? Well soldier, sit back and relax as we take you out of this world into a new frontier. First off, knives have been completely replaced with black magic. Players can throw dark-blue fireballs at their opponents at close range. For long range fireballs, players will need to turn to the defibrillator, which will fire the same exact fireballs but over long ranges, which is handy if you want to humiliate your opponent.

All players now get jet packs, which will allow players to freely soar across maps with the help of their parachute. The parachutes have been converted into jet packs and the controls are that of a pod, but also with the use of a parachute. It's a wonderful combination that should thrill players for ages to come. All players need to be warned however, when using their jetpacks, it allows 'SMART' weapons to lock onto them more easily, so jet packing isn't always the best option.

The HAVOC weapon's rockets are now 'SMART' rockets instead of dumb rockets when not zoomed in. The rockets will attempt to lock onto heat sources, although this doesn't always work, for good reason. But this is a nice feature for those with poor aim.

Players will now enjoy the new pistol grenades, which give off a very beautiful effect that attracts motion mines, enemies, and anybody that is curious to see what this beautiful light show is. However, players need to be warned that these pistol grenades are extremely deadly and it only takes one grenade to kill a person. These pistol grenades are also a great way to diffuse MPE and other explosives which might be in their way.

Some of you are probably wondering what fishies are. As a non-combat new feature, we've added fishies to every kit that players can use. To simply put, a player finds a pond, the deeper the better, or lake and drops the fishies into the water where the fishies will splash around, interact with each other, and just simply have a good time. This serves absolutely no purpose on the battlefield, but it's fun to watch and is extremely relaxing. So what are the fishies you ask? The fishies are anything you can throw, toss, or let go, with the exception of grenades (all grenades) and the shield. So you can throw an ammo hub, RDX, APM, Sonar, Sentry guns, etc into the water and they splash around and have some fun.

Moving on, we find that the EMP mines are now probably the most unappreciated weapon in the game, so we decided to pump these babies up. All EMP mines now have a special CoTU effect, which stands for Center of the Universe. Utilizing a compressed, but stable micro singularity, the EMP mines attract all weaponry to them. When activated, it attracts all 'SMART' weapons to it to safely dispose of the hazards, without taking any damage. Each EMP mine can only remain stable for 90 seconds before a self-destruct activates to prevent the singularity from growing. Currently, they still work as regular EMP mines when vehicles pass over them, but there are plans to change that so they can be used as targeting drones for 'SMART' weapons.

We find that in the 4.x release that motion mines seem to have a mind of their own. Programmed with a need-to-feed, all motion mines seek out their need for food in their short existence, whether it's friend or foe. Certain vehicles, weapons, and kits are programmed with electronic signatures that attract the motion mines to feed. This provides the motion mines with an all new behavior that can be used to either side's advantage. In the next major release, we'll find that motion mines will detonate on infantry as well as on vehicles. That will provide a new strategy on the battlefield.

The next patch will hopefully allow shields to act like fishies and the goals are to have grenades as well to become fishies. The next patch will also show us an entirely new way to fly tanks and hopefully, we'll see either flying walkers or flying jeeps. Now won't that be something? Stay tuned at this spot for more updates on the progress of this mod, because after all, you could miss something big that could change the battlefield!

You can view all the latest screenshots and updates at our new home at moddb by going to our website:


There, you will find updates, forums, videos (coming soon), and much more. So visit us today!

The following link is for promotional purposes only and contains soley in-game, non-edited screenshots of the mod.


-AwesomeATrain "Changing the battlefield, one line at a time!"

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