Crazy Ballistics Mod Finally Released!

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Welcome soldiers to the new battlefield 2142. In the battlefield that awaits you, you will find strange new weapons and physics that seem to defy law, but worry not soldier, you're not alone. For we all have seen these bizarre things and have decided to stand and fight along side you. If you find yourself alone, flying through the air, worry soldier, for you are not superman, but are about to die unless you pull out your parachute.

So what is the Crazy Ballistics Mod? The Crazy Ballistics mod is a 100% server side mod that provides new weapons, vehicles, maps, and game modes. The clients need not to download anything before connecting to the EMS Gamers server. Everything is transferred to them right before they get to the spawn screen during the verifying client data section, where it will take longer to verify data as it's being transferred and loaded into your system. This data is then cleared upon disconnecting from the server, so that you can go to another server without any issues.

Currently only one server runs this mod, but I am looking for the right sponsors who will want to run different versions of this mod. The one great thing about this mod is the fact that it's always updating with new weapons, bug fixes, map changes, etc, all in real time without the players knowing it. They can connect one day and play another day and have completely different weaponry, which makes this mod stand out among the rest. We are 100% catered to the public fan base, so if you got an idea that you would like to see in the mod, then shoot us a PM or post in our forums and if it's a great idea, we'll add it!

For more information on what the mod offers, just connect to EMS Gamers @ or download and open the PDF file which gives full explanations on each new item and how it relates to the game. We are currently looking for video editors to make a fantastic video for this mod so if you got the skills, then we could use you! So in the mean time, we'll see you on the battlefield!

Crazy Ballistics Mod - "Changing the battlefield, one life at a time."

I would like to thank the following people (in no particular order):

EA Games for such a great game EMS Gamers, my sponsor ClanBaseLive Christian Gamers Online Crimson Twilight David Letterman Black.pearl PSC.Robertson Pokechan RecrutaZero Medic8402 Loads of fun enrangedatom Locksmith Aichi [ISI]agm114p All the 200+ beta testers Welcome11112000 - Who introduced me to 2142 coding and all my fans of the EMS Gamers Crazy Ballistics Mod.

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