Dice Dog Tag Challenge II

17 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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Dice has announced another dog tag challenge will take place due to lack of competition in the last Challenge. [quote]Due to the lack of competition in the last DICE Dog Tag challenge we at EA DICE felt that the Battlefield 2142 players needed another stab to show us those knife skills. Hopefully the players have gained more of an edge to their play since the last event and can properly demonstrate their mettle! For all those players who did not have a chance to cut into this competition last time here is how it works: Beginning on June 28th it is open knife season on all the EA DICE players listed below. These players will be accepting buddy-list invites so that you can find them in game and take your shot to get their tags. When the competition ends on July 3rd we will close the tally systems and review to see who has collected the most EA DICE tags during the event. We would like to remind everyone once again that team kills do not count. You are also free to send us any screenshots as proof of the humiliation on the battlefield to the following address: [email protected] and we will post some of them online. Here is your shot for honor, revenge and some good old fashioned butt kicking. Here are the names to look out for on both US and European servers . We look forward to facing off with everyone! Cmd* HATE Demize99 Pirelli LexLuther Beard.Papa Laserkiss Johanster Kusa.eu cookie.monster Pe3aK FENR1S Loneraccoon krung thep Dice-Lobo FillmoreSlim Jonner DeadPope Lavahead Mister_Peanut JackieChan TagHappy Peanuts_Trap FreDerZ TagHappy Ur_Lil_Brother Glueckstreffer Mr.Cashew Tgold TagHappy chutotoro ONESEXYDORK Stormonster Laehrin SuperNewby Sentience Grim3vil Scarty terrorfall[/quote]

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