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First Strike posted an update recently regarding a beta test and a new launcher.

Hey guys, this is just a reminder for you all as well as some further details regarding the upcoming public beta test for Echo Base.

The first thing I want to inform you all of is a little project I’ve been working on, simply titled the “First Strike Launcherâ€. In this beta test and in all future versions of First Strike, this will be your gateway into the game. This system provides numerous benefits to the mod, but the most notable of these is an automatic update system. Whenever a new version of First Strike is released from this point forward as soon as you start up your game it will be automatically downloaded and updated (unless of course you specify not to).

Along with this system will be a server side version that will automatically update a server at the end of a round after an update becomes available, alerting all players of the new version, or half an hour after it becomes available (whichever comes first). This way, all servers and clients will be quickly up to date and any nagging bugs can be promptly ironed out without waiting for the next “big problem†that warrants a patch.

Also, for those members of the campaign to get First Strike supported by XFire, this program will also provide that functionality.

Now, down to business. During this beta test, you will be primarily focusing on Echo Base, but you will also be testing several community maps and one new internal map that I think will add a lot of new dynamics to this mod. Inevitably, you’ll also be testing some new vehicles within the Hoth test such as the Echo Base Buggy and.. of course.. the AT-AT. So if any of this interests you at all, show up on the 19th or any time that weekend for some fun. For those that missed it, we’ll be meeting September 19th on the First Strike Channel on Quakenet IRC. If you don’t know how to use IRC, I’ve setup a web-based version that will get you straight to us easily which can be found here

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