First Strike Beta Recap & Progress Report

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The First Strike team reports the results of the beta testing and where they currently stand, following are a parcel of goodies which are more delicious than Hot Pockets.

The First Strike BETA has been over for a while, and we here at First Strike would like to give you a brief look at the progress that has occured since then as well as a thank you to all who participated over the course of the weekend-long test. We highly appreciate those who turned out to assist us in our effort to make First Strike as good as possible, and the weekend was very productive, and a big success in general. We learned many things during in-game sessions, and from post-testing feedback, that has helped us improve the mod. Some of the fixes you may have even seen during the course of the Beta via our all new First Strike Launcher system, created by yours truly.

So to begin, I'll explain when you can expect to see these maps. Currently, after a lot of internal discussion, it has been decided that patch 1.35 (Coming Soonâ„¢) will consist of 2 to 3 new maps. The maps that are being considered for this release are Null Sensor Station (Formerly Strike at Bimmiel), Refinery, and Lok Wastelands. These maps have all been developed either by First Strike community members or, in the case of Lok, team members on leave. This provides us the unique ability to be able to test and refine these maps while our primary development time still goes towards the Battle of Hoth. Hopefully, if all goes well, not long after the 1.35 release we'll be able to get you 1.4 with Hoth and more.

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