First Strike - Echo Base, AT-AT, and PC Gamer

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Once again sorry for the lateness of this news post. The First Strike guys have released some news on a few things, lets take a look.

Hello everyone, yet another progress update for you. TALON has been slaving away lately attempting to produce for us a lore accurate layout for Echo Base which contained just enough detail to work well within our Battle of Hoth map. Included below is the floorplan with key that he has drawn up and has used as the basis for the first draft model of Echo Base which is already getting put through its paces with extensive in game testing.

PCGamer UK Feature

Also, after our release of the AT-AT in game clip we've got a handful of complaints that the head seems too large. We'd like to comfort you in the knowledge that this was indeed just a matter of the camera perspective in the shots. Included below is a frontal render of the model to give you extra re-assurance. Expect to be hearing more about this beast and how it will operate in game in the near future.

AT-AT Front

Next, we'd like to thank the PC Gamer magazine in the UK for their glowing review of our mod. We hope to see a bit of an influx in our population in the coming weeks due to this. If you live in the UK and haven't already, grab a copy of PC Gamer and check it out. If you happen to live elsewhere, here is a copy of the article for you to take a peak at.

PCGamer UK Feature

Finally, we'd like to give you all a quick heads up that in the coming week we will be holding another promotion ceremony for our Dev appointed ranks. So, anyone looking to be the next Grand Admiral (or looking to hold on to your title ;)) get out there and play! [/quote] Go give the First Strike boys your support by clicking "Here"

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