First Strike: Running Hot & Cold

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First Strike has posted some new info on a new ship and the Hoth map.

Hello again, last week we had for you the flamethrower, but this week things are going to get a little bit colder. Yes, that's right, we've got another update for the map I know you've all been waiting for, Hoth.

Today on Hoth, we'll again be looking at the Echo Base command center. What we have to show you are some terrific assets, modeled and textured by JayBiggs. You'll also get an idea of what the lighting/walls/floor might look like in this part of the base (the non-ice portion of it at least).

Second, we're going to look away from Hoth again (sorry to disappoint), and heat things up with a little side project that RedMonkey and Rybot have been working on that has finally been completed and I think it opens a lot of interesting doors for this mod. It's the T-16 Skyhopper, the ideal ride for any desert farmboy waiting to blosom into a hotshot star pilot. I can't tell you exactly how it will be utilized yet, but regardless, I think you'll enjoy the work they've put in here.

Last, but far from least, we're going to ask for something back from all of you. We want the Battle of Hoth to be as fun and as accurate as possible, and in order to succeed in that goal this requires extensive testing. While we have a superb testing team now, it's just not to the scale necessary for testing something of this magnitude. So, if you would like to help us out, please join us at #first-strike on on the weekend of Friday September 19th and you'll be able to get in on the fun. The earlier you arrive the better, we can only fit in so many people at a time. This wont be a permanent testing spot for everyone who shows up, but I know you'll enjoy it none the less.

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