First Strike - Server Files released.

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For those Stormtroopers out there the First Strike modders have released their server files for their next release.

Hey Gang, we are on final preperations to release FirstStrike 1.30 to you, the public. To help with this we will be releasing the server files first. Server admins are advised to put the number 1.30 in the title of the server so it shows up in the in-game list properly. Our client files will be released once we feel there has been enough time for server admins to make the switch.

Thanks to all the devs and testers who worked hard on testing the bugs and testing the patch on different systems.

Server File Links:



Feel free to mirror! We'll be releasing the client patch soon! If you haven't tried FirstStrike for 2142 yet then feel free to visit our download section here:>

PS. Dont annoy the ewoks, they are mean!!

You can download the latest server files for the mod by clicking here.

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