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First Strike recently posted some news and examples of their stats system, the stats system provides a webpage and an auto updating signature for forums.

Commander DanteFess... You have done a great service to the Empire, inspiring activity throughout the ranks and displaying an excellence beyond compare, no matter what task is put before you. Your service has already been commended numerous times through a plethora of awards, it is time, however, you be given something more. You are hereby being awarded the first ever Grand Admiral title. Be forewarned, this is not a permanent promotion. You must continue to prove your worth, or you will be replaced.

Commander TK-7642...

You, as well, have continually showed your skill on the battlefield. You have spent more time in the field than any other trooper within this Empire. Though your record is not perfect, you have achieved numerous awards and have proven yourself to be a highly dedicated soldier. As such, we believe it in the best interest of the Empire to give you the first ever rank of Grand Moff. However, you must use your new power wisely. As with the Grand Admiral, you will be promptly replaced should you neglect your duties.

Commanders Oddball-UK, JE_Twigs, RSFAngel, and adultswim...

Though your service has not matched the excellence of DanteFess or TK-7642, you as well have accomplished great feats on the battlefield. As such, you will be properly commended and given your fair place as a leader within this great Empire. Oddball and Twigs, you will be given the position of Moff. Angel and adultswim, you will be given the position of Fleet Admiral. As with the others, you too are expendable. Continue to display your prowess on the battlefield, or you will be replaced.

As for the rest of you troopers...

Continue you to press forth in the name of the Empire. For every victory you achieve on the Battlefield, you come one step closer to taking your own rightful place in the leadership of this grand Empire. You can always check your progress, as well as that of your enemies, at

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Now get out their and prove your loyalty to the Empire.

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