Battlefield 2142

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All Files In Battlefield 2142 Media
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Audio Soundtrack - Lost on the Battlefield

This is the Lost on the Battlefield soundtrack for the new Snoken Productions movie, Frost. [url="htt...


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Audio BF2142 Theme

The theme song from BF2142 with no gunshots in the background.


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Audio Battlefield Heroes Theme Music Pack

Here is the offical Theme from the upcoming Download 4 Free/ Play 4 Free cartoon-style action game currently under development by Digital Il...


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Audio Wake Island 2142 Loading Theme - Rock

Absolutely great rock song used as a loading theme for the new Wake. Sir. Community have done an outstanding job again. Make sure you...


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Audio [UAF] Mod Music Pak

Music by Mr.X from the Dev. Team of the Mod. Enjoy the music! Packet Includes: -Strike at Chicago Loading Theme -Study Song


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Miscellaneous Battlefield 2142 Screen Saver

This is a screensaver of battlefield 2142


Video Battlefield 2142 Titan Tutorial Video

EA Games released a narrated tutorial video on the new Titan mode in Battlefield 2142. It shows you how the game is won. Battlefield 2142...


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Video The Sir. Community - Special Delivery 2142

The Sir. Community has released a High Definition video called "Special Delivery 2142". Click [url=


Video Stunts Evolution

Sir. AlphaWhiskey and The Sir. Community is proud to present Battlefield 2142's first stunt movie!


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Video Frost Episode 2

Snoken has released Frost 2 and its just as good as i expected it to be if not better. Frost Episode 2: Kicking a Kitten The...


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Video Conflict2142 Mod Movie

The long awaited movie is out from one of our very own. It is a well worth 60 MB dowload. Our producer for this movie was GV|Cpt.Darko w...


Video Frost Episode 3: O Mike, Where Art Thou?

It's been a long time since the last episode of Frost was released, though it feels like only yesterday. The past 6 months have been...


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Wallpapers BattleField 2142 Wallpaper

Here are some cool wallpapers for 2142


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Wallpapers P.A.Cmen Wallpaper

A members friend Pekka called the Pan Asian Coalition soldiers as PACMEN/PACMAN this wallpaper is little tribute to our mighty P.A.C men. En...


Wallpapers Mech T-39 BOGATYR

This is another follow up on the wallpaper we submitted yesterday. Still for the P.A.C. clan, but showing the walker in BF2142.


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Wallpapers Battllefield 2142 Wallpaper

A nice battlefield 2142 wallpaper for you pc


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Wallpapers BF2142 Scar 11 Wallpaper

A 1600x1200 wallpaper from Battlefield 2142.


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Wallpapers Battlefield 2142 Wallpapers

Um, I'm not as happy with this set as my others, the walker is from a screenshot and all I have to work with is low graphical settings, if s...


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Wallpapers BF2142 Wallpaper

This is a wallpaper styled for BF2142. Not much more you can say about a wallpaper, check the screenshot and download! -Sent