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!!!! -Very Important- !!!! Read This Please !!!!
Make sure to set ingame effects volume to 40 - 50 % otherwise you will get distortion in the sound.
Important Game Changes:
1. Now can shoot wounded soldiers so they can not be revived.
2. Walker rockets go where you look.
3. Weapons have bullet drop ( long distance = large drop... aim high )
4. Weapons (vehicles too) damage is distance based ( long distance = less damage or no damage )
5. Attack Jet now had lockon rockets for vehicles ( pilot uses these ) Co pilot has MG and Bombs.
6. Emp Mines, Frag Grenades, and Ammo/Health boxes can stick to vehicles.
7. Light and Heavy soldier armor now offers greater differences with protection and sprint ability.
Thats it for now finish installing you can read the rest later with the readme in the start menu.
Welcome to BF2148 Action. This is a single and multiplayer modification. The entire aspect of the game has been changed. Being set just a few years in the future the weapons have recieved alot of upgrades. Get ready to lock and load but just remember to stay behind cover.
This mod has been tested on a dedicated server with bots and 2142cc does work.
To edit the amount of bots in singleplayer browse to C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\mods\2148A\AI and open Aidefault.ai. I put notes in the file so you will know what to do.
This mod will install into its own directory and will not disturb your original copy of the game.
This mod will work with northern strike addon and some of the unlocks for it have been edited also.
System requirements:
A little more than the original game. There are alot of graphical effects that I added. May need to turn down effects if you experience lag.
Unable to load the mod: When all else fails you can load the default 2142 game and click on the community link and click the custom games link and select the mod there.
I did not use default install dir: You can choose where to place the mod on a custom install of 2142. Just browse to the new destination.
How do I create my own shortcut: If the shortcuts installed do not work you can change the target line under the properties of the shortcut.... here is an example: (ex: "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Battlefield 2142\BF2142.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/2148a )
Known Bugs:
Shooting to many rockets in the gunship to fast will block you from chatting.
C4 explosive effect had to be changed from the default effect because it crashed the game (I will fix it later)
Stationary Anti Aircraft gun does not lockon using the sound and the visual lockon animation. The rockets will lockon instantly to temporarily fix this.
Contact Information:
My name: Joe
Bf2142 name: Stickman24
This is a beta release expect some bugs or imbalances. They will be addressed after some real playtesting and feedback by you.
Visit www.teamele.com and register on the forms. Post any bugs, comments or praise in the appropriate Battlefield 2148 Mod section.
Also ( http://www.myspace.com/2148Action ) Post a question or praise here... post all bugs on the www.teamele.com website.
Change log: Version 1.00.1B
Menu changes:
Ingame menu graphics changed
Button sound effects
Menu music
Level load music
Graphical effect changes:
Blood added
Missle smoke
Weapon tracers
Map lighting (level viewdistances and sun)
Explosive effects
Camp Gibraltar Lighting changed
Suez Canal view distance increased
Sound effect changes:
Weapon first person fire sounds
Weapon thrid person fire sounds (what your teammates hear)
Vehicle weapons
Stationary vehicles
Vehicle to player impact
Player fall damage
Player Bullet to flesh
Player bullet to armor
Player scream for medic sound (man down sounds)
Bullet to metal
Bullet to concrete
Bullet to sand
Bullet Fly by sound
All sound volumes changed for every weapon and effect to bring new life to the feel of the game.
Handheld Weapon changes:
Weapon has recoil based on power of weapon
Damage is distance based (near +damage far -damage)
Bullets now drop over distance
Bullets slowed to allow delay over distance
Har rifle mag increased
Shotgun/Rocket addon no longer shares ammo
All rifles now have adjustable scopes
Sniper rifles must compensate for bullet drop and delay reaching its target.
Carbine now is medium range semi auto sniper.
Pilum now fires a lockon missle or you can just point and shoot
Drone guns now have limited ammo (can be resupplied)
Assault rifles now have single, 3rnd burst, and full auto
Frag grenades stick to walls and vehicles. 5 second fuse and they explode when an enemy gets close. Example: If you throw the grenade close to the enemy he is screwed because if he runs away it will explode right away or if he stays there it will explode after 5 seconds.
Various changes to weapon crosshairs and scopes.
Decoy beacon now explodes on enemy when he gets close
Emp mines now stick to whatever. (increased range)
Motion mines now move faster.
Smoke grenade Is now used to mark bombing targets for pilots in the air.
Rockets allowed to go to 10 meters instead of a minimum of 20 meters
Shotguns effectiveness improved.
Support shotgun has bouncing projectiles. (used to clear titian hallways)
Support and engineer sonar range increased but only has 2 min battery.
Heavy Machine gun will now harm air vehicles.
Medic and resupply increased speed.
Med and resupply boxes can stick to vehicles.
Cloak time increased
All weapons balanced to keep the gameplay smooth and equal. One team is not better than the other.
Vehicle Weapon changes:
Artillery changed to rockets and increased damage.
Ground defense fire rate increased.
Air defense fire rate increased slightly. Projectiles now explode when close to air vehicle. Emp rocket effects changed to make them look more real.
Tanks have increased recoil. Decreased main weapon zoom Also added zoom level to machine gun on top. Sound added to tank projectile so now you can hear it tear through the air.
Jeeps now have more speed and more sprint. Guns have range based damage
Mechs have new rockets with better special effects. Main guns damage balanced out. Air defense gun on top equalized and emp rockets now match stationary air defense gun. Walker stomp sound now has the jurassic park effect.
APC's now have double hitpoints, unlimited ammo for emp and rockets. It is used to get a squad past enemy defenses at a heavily fortified defense on the ground.
Attack jet now has lock on missiles and bombs. Minigun is more effective.
Air transport now has more hitpoints and ranged based weapons. Used to get through enemy air defense to deploy troops.
Titan weapons ( to be edited yet )
Player changes:
All players now have increased sprint. (unlocks still apply)
You can see your own blood upon impact.
Screaming when laying wounded
Now you can be executed to prevent being revived*
Explosives now make you fly
Player armor now has damage zones.
Main gameplay changes:
The largest change is the bullet drop on the weapons. It makes them more realistic with the damage.
Vehicles now are a serious threat.
All weapons can now kill people that are laying wounded. Prevents enemys from being revived.
Sound effects now bring you into the game.

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