Battlefield 2142 v1.20 Patch



This is the Full patch for 2142.

If you are getting "Newer version is already installed" errors then follow the steps from Here



Greetings from Sweden!

Today we are releasing the latest update for Battlefield 2142. In this update we have addressed a number of issues and game play concerns.

* Fixed Pod Control Exploit - Players may no longer exploit the assault pods to 'surf' around the maps.
* Removed the stats category for the PK-74 AR-Rocket: All kills with this weapon are calculated into the statistics for the main assault kit weapon
* Fixed co-op server crash: Servers will no longer crash when attempting to rotate to co-op mode with players joined into squads
* Added correct flag for Czech Republic.
* Fixed PDS-1 sonar system interference with UAV. Soldiers are now shown correctly on UAV when PDS-1 is activated.
* Change to Heal and Repair Point Awarding: Heal and repair points awarded after a 50% heal / repair instead of 100% heal / repair.
* Fixed tracking of hours with the medic hub in BFHQ: Medic hub hours shown in BFHQ has been corrected.
* Fixed Squad leader drone exploit. Removed the possibility to use drones as a stairway to heaven.
* Fixed the Rorsch crosshair misalignment: The crosshair should now be correctly centered while not zoomed.
* Change to Out of Bounds Damage: We have changed the out of bounds damage system to immediately kill players after being out of bounds for 15 seconds. Please note that the total time a player can be out of bounds has not changed. This fix will help prevent stat padding exploits.
* Ranked Server APM setting hard coded: Anti-personelle mines are now always set to "Friendly fire off" on ranked servers. Increases consistency and prevents misunderstanding.
* Fixed an exploit using the reactor core door: Soldiers can no longer conceal themselves by moving back against the reactor core door.
* The correct message is now shown when trying to join a full server.
* Fixed crash when placing Squad Leader Spawn Beacon
* Added server side option to prevent Titan Movement
* Added optimization to Titan mode to reduce lag

We wanted to thank everyone who took the time to beta test this update and provide feedback to us. We have archived all feedback and will be reviewing everything that did not make it into this update for future updates.

EA is now allowing 64 player Titan Mode servers under these conditions:
- The server must be running the latest version.
- sv.allowTitanMovement must be set to off.
- The server must be running on an Opteron or Woodcrest box. The P4's and older dual core systems won't be able to take a 64 man titan server at all.
- The server must only be running one game instance per CPU core.

Servers running 64 player Titan not under those conditions are now considered a ranking violation and dealt with the same way stat pad servers are.

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