Battlefield 2142 Zombie Mod



This is mod pits humans (EU team) against an excessive amount of AI bots (PAC team) which are wielding nothing but a knife, who will chase down anyone they see to the death. Designed for single and LAN play, the players must hold out against the AI for as long as possible without loosing their dogtags.

All vehicles, weapon emplacements and commander assets have been removed from the 5 maps to ensure the battles must rely on the players skill, communication and co-ordination to survive.



                                 Battlefield 2142 Zombie Mod, 

                                      by The.Inqusitor


Thank you for downloading the Battlefield 2142 Zombie Mod!

***This version is designed to work on BF2142 1.40***

The 2142 Zombie mod pits human players against an excessively large amount of bots who are
armed with nothing but a knife. These bots will relentlessly hunt down the other team, who
in turn must hold out against them as long as possible.

It is designed with singleplayer and LAN gaming in mind, but will be hosted on a dedicated server
for online play in the near future.

++ Installation Instructions ++

1. Copy the Zombie folder to your Battlefield 2142's mods folder
  (default location C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsBattlefield 2142mods)

2. Copy the following levels from the BF2142 folder (Modsbf2142Levels) to
   the Zombie levels folder (ModsZombieLevels)


3. Once the 5 levels have been copied accross, please then cut & paste the contents of the
   'Levels Server Files' into the Levels Folder of the zombie mod. 
   (It will prompt you to overwrite, click yes)

4. As a precaution, but not necessary, you may want to remove the 'Archive.md5' files from the
   5 level folders you copied accross.

   (Why do this?)
   the .md5 files are what the game uses to compare the content and detect if any of it is
   modified. When playing modified games over LAN or the internet, these files will usually
   prevent you from joining the room, with the complaint that you have modified content. The
   removal of the .md5's will prevent that from happening (IF you are suffering from it).
   So far they have not caused any problems - but just incase they do - you know what to do.

++ Launching the mod ++

There are two ways to launch the zombie mod. The easiest way is to activate the mod from within
2142 itself. This is done by clicking on the COMMUNITY button, followed by the CUSTOM GAME, and
then to select and activate the Zombie mod.

Alternatively (and especially if you use non vanilla resolutions) you will want to run the mod
from it's own shortcut. This is done by making a copy of your BF2142 desktop shortcut and
adding the line...

	   	+modPath mods/zombie

...to the end of the target box. It should now look something like this:
"C:Program FilesElectronic ArtsBattlefield 2142BF2142.exe" +menu 1 +fullscreen 1 +modPath mods/zombie

++ Playing the Mod ++
For singleplayer and LAN, it is best to load up a map via Multiplayer->Local->Create game
That way you have more control over the team ratios (as singleplayer is set to 1:1), aswell
as other variables.

++ Credits ++
Thanks goes out to Namatacka for asissting testing and the members of GameStrafe forums for
their support. Many thanks go to White-Ghost for agreeing to host the mod on his server!

++ FAQ ++

Q. Why must I copy the levels from the BF2142 folder?
A. By copying the levels from bf2142 means they do not have to be present in the download, which
   decreases the size of the mod dramatically. This was purely done to keep the mod's file size
   to a minimum.

Q. When I try to create a game, the game crashes as soon as I click the 'create game' button
A. This is due to the levels not being present. Please go through the 3 steps at the beginning
   of the readme thougherly.

Q. When I create a game, there are vehicles and stationary weapons on the map when the mod said
   there aren't any.
A. This is because the server.zips from the 'Levels server files' haven't been copied into the
   levels folder as described in step 3.

Q. When I create the game, there are only 16 bots and they are all using weapons.
A. This is because the game hasn't loaded up the mod. If you are using a shortcut, make sure
   you have typed in the '+modPath mods/zombie' into the target box correctly (see the example
   above). Alternatively, make sure you are enabling the mod from the Community->Custom game.

Q. The mod works, but when I disconnect from the match, the game crashes to the desktop.
A. This is because the game cannot cope with the current number of bots. You can adjust
   the amount of bots on the 'aidefault.ai' located in the AI folder (using notepad or wordpad).
   Alternatively, if you wait until the next level loads and press Esc while it is loading, it
   will return to the menu without crashing. Take note, if you adjust the bot number, you won't
   be able to join the online server (until you revert the number back to it's original 70)

Q. The mod works, but it keeps crashing randomly.
A. This is most likely caused by the amount of bots used, especially if you're using slower
   hardware. Adjusting the amount of bots in the aidefault.ai file to a lower number will fix
   this. Take note, if you adjust the bot number, you won't be able to join the online server 
   (until you revert the number back to it's original 70)


Now have fun, and remember - defend your tags at all costs!

Please email any questions or queries you have to [email protected]
For more infomation please visit the GameStrafe forums at: 


(Direct link to Zombie mod topic):


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