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This is a modification for 2142 that allows for easy customization of the server for clan matches.

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This is a modification for 2142 that allows for easy customization of the server for clan matches.

CLAN MOD v 2.0 RELEASE! After 3 months of development, the big 2.0 version has finally been released! This release features an all new game mode, Flag By Flag, server settings for infantry only & commander on/off, functionality to pause/unpause in-game as well as writing in-game during pause. You can check and change the server settings through a simple chat command, as well as take PunkBuster screenshots of players through a chat command. All servers also have the version number forced to the beginning of the server name to show players what version the server is using. This version also includes a new security feature – did you know that in BF2142, anyone can spawn vehicles or give themselves 100% HP through rcon commands? In Clan Mod 2.0, all such commands will be printed clearly in the chat to prevent cheating.

Full list of changes: - New game mode: Flag By Flag. Enable with !fbf on and disable with !fbf off when playing conquest. - !setting command to change server settings in-game. - Pause / Unpause through chat & rcon. When both teams are ready to resume the game, the server will be unpaused. - Server setting for Infantry only. Will kill anyone using a vehicle and print a message in chat. - Server setting for Commander mode on/off. - !ss command to capture a PunkBuster screenshot of the player specified. [Thanks to Mach10 for the code of this function] - Security: All rcon commands that could be used to cheat are printed in chat. - SG-34 Smoke Grenade: Lowered the amount of grenades to 1 on the Assault kit. - DysTek Repair upgrade added. Engineers can now repair other vehicles from inside a vehicle. - Advanced Med Hub added. Assault players can now heal team mates when in a vehicle. - Advanced Ammo Hub added. Assault players can now supply team mates when in a vehicle. - Game play & content changes by DICE & EA in the 1.20 patch. - Clan Mod version number forced to server name. All servers are tagged [2.0] to show players which version the server has. When there’s a new Clan Mod version, it will be easy to see in the browser.

The new Flag By Flag game mode is available for the 16 player sizes of all maps except Belgrade, where the flags aren’t located in a straight line. This game mode is just like conquest but you need to take the flags in the correct order - perfect for infantry leagues! Today, almost all infantry pcws are played FBF, but there's one big issue with playing it without a game mode that's enforcing the rules; both teams often grey each other's flags about the same time. This is very annoying and often leads to discussions of who was first and so on - but with the new clan mod game mode, you won't need to worry anymore! Of course normal conquest is still included in the clan mod, and you can switch between them by simply typing !fbf on and !fbf off in chat!

Another thing many clans have been complaining about ever since BF2 is that the chat is frozen during pause. This is hard coded, but with Clan Mod 2.0, you can write to the other team by using RCON (the console). Of course, you do not need to log in. When paused, simply open the console and type rcon say Hello, what’s up? In addition to this, you can also request an unpause through rcon, using rcon unpause . When both teams have marked themselves as ready to continue, anyone can resume the game by typing rcon go. The reason for this additional command is to give the first team a brief time of warning before the game is live again. To pause the game, you can use the chat command !pause.

A third thing that can get you to feel annoyed is being minutes from match and noticing that the server settings are incorrectly set up. There’s a solution for this as well in Clan Mod 2.0 – !setting =. For example, if the server is set to 3 rounds per map and you want 99, you can use !setting sv.roundspermap=99 . The other team need to agree, of course.

A fourth thing that can make you suspicious in vanilla is that when being fullcapped on an infantry match, the other team could have someone go commander (which usually isn’t allowed) and spot you, without your team noticing it. In Clan Mod 2.0, there’s a new server setting to disable commander mode. There is as well a setting to disallow the use of any vehicle. If somebody enters a vehicle when this option is enabled, a chat message will reveal him, and he will be killed.

Finally thanks to everyone who has been a part of the 3 months long development of this new version, and a BIG thank you to all alpha and beta testers who have pulled up with hours of Flag By Flag bug testing. (Discuss in the forums)

Good luck and have fun with this new release! ~ SharkBaiT signing of for a one week long, well-earned vacation.

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