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An all-new version of the Clan Mod has been released! This version is compatible with the new BF2142 1.25 patch. In this version, the assaul...


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An all-new version of the Clan Mod has been released! This version is compatible with the new BF2142 1.25 patch. In this version, the assault kit has been changed slightly, as requested by a lot of clans and as a result of this poll and opinions on forums and IRC. Now, the assault kit has the shotgun instead of the smoke grenade. This is like in vanilla lvl 1 unlocks, and as such, the binding for the defibrillator has been moved from #5 to #6. (#5 is shotgun in vanilla and Clan mod 2.10). Apart from this, there are many other changes. For instance, the CTD issue on Sidi Power Plant has been addressed and the new features in 2.0 B are in this new version as well of course. Those include headshots being printed in chat, chat commands for infantry mode and commander mode on/off and bug fixes for commands !ss [PART OF NICK] (PB Screens) and !pause. Read the full changelist(s) below:

CHANGELIST v 2.10 * Fixed issue with stationary Anti-Air and CTD. ("Sidi Power Plant bug") * Assault kit: Added shotgun instead of smoke grenades, per request from a lot of clans. Note that the defibrillator now has key 6 as default binding. This change has been made to make the clan mod kits more alike vanilla lvl 1 unlocks. * Headshots will now only be printed twice, instead of three times as in 2.0 B. * Big text for some of the Clan Mod server administration script's questions. * The knife has (again) been fixed, should not be as buggy as in vanilla. Make sure to try it out!

CHANGELIST v 2.0 B * Addressed issue regarding Flag By Flag mode and revives, where a flag could not be taken by a team at certain times. * Re-coded clan mod script to detect clan mod directory automatically, resolving a server issue reported by a community member. * Added !infantry on/off command to change status of infantry only mode. When on, vehicles will explode (now even faster) when someone enters them. * Added !commander on/off command to change status of commander allowed/disallowed. When off, you can't go commander. When activated, any current commander will be removed. * Added !check command to show status of infantry only, commander and flag by flag settings on the server. * Fixed issue where the server wouldn't start correctly because wasn't uploaded to the server. * Fixed issue where server could be paused using !pause even if the server's settings were set up otherwise (clanmod.con) * !ss command has been re-coded. It can now be used to capture PB-screens of more than one player a time. (!ss [TEAM-TAG] will capture PB-screen from everyone with that tag) * Headshots will now be printed clearly in the chat. Killer will get an extra point, but the victim's team will NOT lose an extra ticket.

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