First Strike Incremental Patch v1.25 - v1.30



First Strike is a Star Wars themed BF2142 modification. Download this file only if you already have First Strike v1.25 installed.

Changelog Weapons: -Almost every rifle and pistol in the mod has had its accuracy tweaked and adjusted to be more accurate. -Medic Grenades no longer able to be replenished to avoid spamming -Ewebs/MKii’s have been given a bit more starting ammo -Squad leader ping has been increased in radius and amount of pings available -Deployable uav beacons can no longer be replenished -Support class now only has 2 mines, and the mines can no longer be rearmed -Sniper rifles now changed to reload like other weapons

Droids: -Droids should not kill you now when you deploy them -Droid surfing has been eliminated -Trooper UAV Droid now has a decrease in radius of ping and a longer time in between pings -Heavy Weapons droids should now be more useful/powerful

Vehicles: -Space Fighter targeting systems have been fixed, which should make fight-on-fighter combat on our space maps a lot more fun once again. -Freerunner APC crash fix -All heavy land vehicles (and on some maps the ATSTs) have been locked to their teams permanently. No more vehicle stealing. -Firehawke HUD changed to match the other imperial vehicles

Maps: -Ticket Drain Fixed on Convoy Raid 64p -Additional Y-wing spawns were added to Convoy raid to help tackle spawncamping. -Several building exploits were fixed on the Tatooine maps -Rhen var Ice Plains reduction in combat area for all versions to encourage more direct combat -Lighting adjusted on Mos Entha and spawn points moved and added for the Crashed Corvette CP -Bestine's 32p first hill flag is now one way. Once the rebels take it imps can't cap it back. -Bestine's freerunner will now spawn more frequently -Ryloth 16p shrunk to the top half of the map -Ryloth's vehicles are all now locked to their appropriate teams. -32p Ryloth has seen a reduction in the amount of aircraft on it. They will also take longer to spawn (with exception to the lambda)

General: -Several graphical issues have been addressed and fixed -The game doesn't hang on the black screen when initially loading if you're in windowed mode and not focused on the game at start.


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