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This is a mini mod which allows you to play with the unlokable weapons in the First Strike Singleplayer mod. I havent managed to add all th...


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This is a mini mod which allows you to play with the unlokable weapons in the First Strike Singleplayer mod. I havent managed to add all the weapons in a single kit so i made two additional kits that you can use by replacing the original before you start the game. You can find the complete description in the readme.

This is only a beta version, the final version should have only one file, but i dont know what to do, im sure the key is hidden within the, so if anyone can help me or take over the mod you can reach me at

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Download '' (1.04MB)

This is my first mod that I dare to release, so please dont kill me if something is wrong.
This is not a real mod, but a small mod of a mod, which allows you to play with the unlockable 
FS weapons in FS SP.

I tried to add all the weapons to one kit but it resulted in crashing on spawn :(
So i made 3 (well in fact only 2) different weapon sets:

-SET 1: default FS SP set, nothing changed, so you could use it also as a backup file.

-SET 2:  
	  		EMPIRE           ALLIANCE
	   Trooper:     Flechette        CR1
	   Heavy:	Mortar		 Mortar
	   Medic:	DLT 19		 T10
	   Support:	DEMP 2		 DEMP 2

-SET 3: (my favorite)
	   Trooper:	DLT 20a		 Disruptor Rifle
	   Heavy:	PTL		 HH15
	   Medic:	E11		 A280
	   Support:     ----same as set 1----

In the set 2 as well as set 3 heavy troopers have got a pistol instead of sentry guns because i
wanted to give them some personal defence.

Installation: just replace the original in ...Battlefield 2142modsFS_SPObjects 
with one of the sets you like, since the set 1 is the default one backing up files is not neccesary,
but I still recommend you to back up everything you replace.


Bugs: none that i know, the game crashed once in hours of testing, but im sure it there was another 
reason for that.

Tested on BF2142 ver. 1.25, First Strike ver. 1.0, FS SP ver 1.2


-Creators of BF2142 (even if they are called with the hardest expressions by everyone i know)

-Developers, Testers and everyone who helped in the creation of First Strike mod

-Creator(s) of FS SP mod

-Everyone who made or is making custom maps for First Strike or FS SP

-Creator(s) of FFOLKES Unlocks Mod for BF2142 (this mod helped me in the creation of my own mod)

Legal Stuff: you know it, and you also know that I cant do anything if youll try to break the 
not-so-allmighty rule, but please, if you dont want that one day a huge orangutan/wookie ruins your
house, mention me and the people i mentioned above in your credits list if you are going to use 
this mod in any way. Thanks!

WARNING: This files were not made in cooperation with any of the people I mentioned above and im
also not responsible if anything happens to your game. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!

I hope you will enjoy it!

Hagen aka negah

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