First Strike v1.30 Server Files



These are the recently released server files for the First Strike mod, required for hosting a dedicated server.



FirstStrike Dedicated Server V1.30
**NOTE!**  By installing the server files you acknowledge that you have read the terms and conditions found in the FSlicense.txt file included and you agree to them. Neither the First Strike team nor any of its members offer any guarantee or warranty, nor can we be held responsible for any damage our mod may cause (though so generally it hasn't as yet :) )

FirstStrike Release 1.30 Install instructions:

Windows server admins:
**NOTE!** The 2142 Server Launcher Application DOES NOT WORK for mods in 2142.  As such we have created and included our own.

1) unzip both the "FirstStrike" and "FSServerLauncher"  folders into your /battlefield 2142 server/mods/ folder.
2) open "/battlefield 2142 server/mods/FSServerLauncher/"  and run  FSServerLauncher.exe  (you can create a shortcut of this on your desktop if you want)
3) configure the options you want, choose the maps by doubleclicking on them (you can set the playercount per map independent of the max playercount)
4) Hit "launch server"

-The launcher allows you to auto-restart your server in case things go wrong.  This isn't guaranteed after all :)
-You can start the mod manually by creating a commandline shortcut with +dedicated +modPath mods/firststrike +maplist mods/FirstStrike/settings/maplist.con
-The sourcecode is being released as freeware and the source code is included.  Fraid I didn't leave comments though anyone is welcome to edit it to suit their needs

Linux server admins:
1) unpack firststrike into your /battlefield 2142 server/mods/ folder
2) cd into your battlefield 2142 server and run the following command:
./start.sh +modPath mods/firststrike +maplist mods/firststrike/settings/maplist.con +gameMode gpm_cq +maxPlayers 32
3) if everythings works you should change your con's and customize them to fulfill your needs
4) cd to firststrike/settings and modify serversettings.con 
5) then cd to firststrike/settings/admin and rename default.cfg.sample to default.cfg and change the pass

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