[Fixed] Conflict 2142 Full Install (Part 1 of 2)



[Updated]Note: The issue with parts 1 and 2 have been resolved. If you are still having trouble when opening it in winrar, please post a comment with the error message.

The year is 2142, a new ice age is upon us and humanity is at war again. Fighting for the last remaining land the PAC and the EU meet trying to stay away from the ice. Conflict 2142 furthers the story set by BF2142 over time of playing, as newer version of the maps come out, you will notice the changing environments as the polar icecap moves further south. Check the forums for weekly map updates. Just about every weapon and vehicle has been reworked from the standard bf2142 items. The weapons have been recoded to make them fire more like you would expect them to. They are now more geared towards the intermediate to advanced players. There are over thousand changes to the standard bf2142!

New weapons include the GAPR (Guided Anti Personnel Rocket) this is a pulse seeking rocket launcher for the assault kit, it fires 4 rockets at the same time that can lock onto and track anything with a pulse! The recon kit now has a silenced pistol, and everyone has the stabilizer by default.

New vehicles include the mercenaries vehicles. These are all reworked old vehicles. The mercenaries are a third faction involved in the war for land, all they care about is money. In their retreat down south the mercenaries raided several 21st century military bunkers. They took much of the armor that they could salvage, and upgraded it with the modern technology. Take the LAV for example; this now has a vastly improved engine, dual chain guns and a motion mine launcher. The mercs secret weapon is a completely invisible jeep that can carry 4 people, this is highly entertaining. One more vehicle that really needs a mention is the merc mobile arty, fly massive devastating TV guided missiles to crush your opponents into the ground.

To top things off we have re-skinned the soldier's uniforms, the vehicles and guns. Not only do they now have much more detail, they now come in four different types of camouflage, to suite each map. Finally the effects have been touched up too; there are now numerous blood effects, depending on where you get shot, and what with. This is all just the tip of the ice berg though, read the change log for more info, as there is so much in this mod.

One of the best things though about this mod, is the community that surrounds it. Right now there aren't that many people casually playing it, but the cf2142 tournament ( http://www.conflict-2142.com ) play massive organized 8 hour battles on it every Saturday. Try out the mod, If you like it on single player you will love it in the tournament. There are so many features in the mod that you probably won't notice, in the cf2142 tournament you will be taught the benefit of all the features of the mod to maximize your killing potential.

Please keep an eye on this mod as there is tons of stuff in development, including fixed wing bombers, jump packs, new buildings, new levels, new guns, and even more new vehicles. Try it out, you won't be disappointed.

Note - When trying to find an online server, use the advanced browser, un-check all the filters apart from same mod, then update server list.


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