Mech Mad



Have as many as 20 Mechs in Suez_canal at one time.. or if you prefer, have 4.. its up to you. Premodded zip archives that will allow you to use between 4 mechs and 20 mechs in the game.

I suggest first trying a low number of Mechs and seing what your computer can handle, then using the other zips add more mechs..



Here are premodded Suez Canal Levels that will change the amount of "Mechs" you can see in at one time. 

Each Different folder contains only the server.zip file. So to install just copy it to the Suez Canal folder. Please make a backup of the original server file before you try to overwrite it.

The number refers to how many mechs there will be per side that will spawn. The "10 Mech Count" Map caused lag on my computer so i suggest trying 2 or 4 and testing to see what your system can handle. 

This is for Singleplayer only.

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