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Aliendemon has released version 1.0 of his mod. "Tired of same online gun fights? Annoyed with your job? Angry with college? Ever w...


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Aliendemon has released version 1.0 of his mod.

"Tired of same online gun fights? Annoyed with your job? Angry with college? Ever wanted to just blow stuff up? Well this is the answer! When the day is to much to take, chill out and get lost with the Battlefield 2142 Stress Relief mod! Full of experimental crazy and inventive weaponry that will keep you amazed and laughing for hours."

The S.R. Mod is a new Single player Battlefield 2142 Mod that gives the player the power of truly destructive and "laugh-out-loud" crazy weaponry and vehicles. Including the Boom Sniper and the insane Bouncer rifle to just name a mere few. And for a brand new twist, each side's standard weapons have their own unique powers, Like the Eu portable Artillery and the Pac Portable ICBM Launcher!

The single player mod also has, more bots, new improved sounds/effects, soldier ability changes and new "Titan proving grounds" levels with no bots to hone your skills, either be it flying, driving, strategy or just to mess about.

S.R. MOD has all main weapons modified for some serious firepower and some of the new unique weapons include the "Seeker" (scar 11) and the crazy "Randomizer" ( Krylov FA-37), which are near compelete two opposites and have their own unique abilities

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Download '' (473.24MB)

!! Important !! 
 Because the mod is structured in such way so that it doesn't take long to
download, the mod includes instructions on how to install it, Please follow it closely.
 Make sure when you download the zip file, you first "extract" it somewhere
where you can access it easily like My documents.

End User License Agreement
By downloading the "S.R. MOD v1.0", you agree
 that the developer of the S.R. MOD is not responsible to any possible loss of data or damage.
 you agree that you wont copy and redistribute the "S.R MOD v1.0" or any of its containing modified data without permission.

 The S.R MOD has a few changes that affect gameplay that you should know about.

    * Lower gravity has been added to create higher jumps. if you don't like the lower gravity effect just equip light armor when selecting kits.

    *  Use the " Travel Knife"  to get out of tricky situations. aim it directly down to get most hight, aim the knife horizontal to move mostly to the opposite direction.

    * The med kit does not heal while holding it, you must deploy it to use it but it heals near instantly and has a larger heal radius.

    * Verdun has been changed to have Tanks as the only vehicles to be used.

    * Belgrade has been changed to have Mechs as the only vehicles to be used

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