Battlefield V 2019 Roadmap Released

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Published by Digz 3 years ago

Roadmaps are beginning to become a thing now in the industry, we've seen roadmaps for Call of Duty, the Epic Games store and now Battlefield V - I guess it's the easiest way to advertise your programme to all the players in such an easy and dynamic way. But enough of the academic analysis on the use of roadmaps, let's crack on and analyse what this particular roadmap means for Battlefield V.

EA and Dice alongside other developers are utilising the "Live Service" option of keeping games updated with new events, chapters and general updates to make sure the game stays fresh and players stay dedicated to the cause. It follows on from MMO games but the FPS games of the world have now taken the idea on and the fans seem to really like it, as do we!

In the first three months of Battlefield V we have already seen the release of Chapter 1: Overture and Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes which bring new game dynamics and new gear to collect, including two new modes which are Rush and Squad Contest and a new grand operation. There's tons of new weapons, cosmetic items and vehicles added too since then but there's still more to come. 

Later this month Chapter 3: Trial by Fire will be released where Firestorm will be launched, which is a battle royale mode designed for Battlefield V which we mentioned earlier in the month in this article. It's going to be a gritty version where your true Battlefield instincts are going to have to come out to survive and win the battle royale, but there's more! We have more map missions coming, a hardcore mode and an update to Combined Arms.  We'll be travelling to the Mediterranean in the Mecury map whereby you'll be dropping from the sky along the Cretan coast as a German paratrooper based on what the developers say is the real life events of the actual Operation Mercury - how exciting!

In June we will see the introduction of Chapter 4: Defying the Odds with a new urban close quarter multiplayer map is due to be released and a new game mode which will see you take on a 5 vs 5 in very tight maps in your squads. A new map where you can experience the second Battle of Greece in 1940 will be amazing and something to definitely look forward to.

The last chapter to be revealed so far is Chapter 5, Dice say it will expand our World War 2 journey and to get ready for a land, air and sea invasion in a completely new theatre of war.

Check out the roadmap below and head on over to the official Battlefield V roadmap update here.

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