Battlefield 1944

Battlefield 1944 is a cosmetic and character overhaul for Battlefield V.  The aim of the mod is to make Battlefield V more authentic an...


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Battlefield 1944 is a cosmetic and character overhaul for Battlefield V.  

The aim of the mod is to make Battlefield V more authentic and truer to history in terms of its factions, uniforms, gear and character looks. Every faction has many retextures and custom model edits to make them appear more authentic. The mod focuses on the Western front in the later stages of WWII for its theme of the faction looks, besides the Japanese of course.


-Every headgear, torso, and leg cosmetic options are changed to more authentic choices.

-Face paints are removed. 

-Elite soldiers are replaced with standard solider looks.

-German and Japanese battle flags and other icons are uncensored.

 -German propaganda posters are replaced with more fitting posters. 

-Female soldier are replaced. -Minority soldiers for the US and UK factions are replaced. The reason these character choices were replaced, is to make each faction appear as the race and gender that most of the soldiers would be at the time. This is no different to how other WWII games such as how Call of Duty 2, Hell Let Loose, and Battlefield 1942 portrayed their soldiers.


-There are no sub factions for certain maps, such as USMC or Afrika Korps due to cosmetics being universal.  


-Japanese elites use the German Ernst Elite face due to the ways Elites are modified to be faction specific. -Elites have no voice lines due to the way they are made to be faction specific.


-Applebox, PotatoChip, Hauptmanm, for providing custom textures, models, and helping me out in modding BFV. They provided models like the RAF UK pilot skin and textures such as the German camo textures for the Zeltbahn and reversible parka 

-JayFuzz for providing custom models and textures, such as the M41 US uniform, German pilot cap retexture, and German Tanker uniform. -Ashleyuk789 for helping me replace female voicelines and character models. 

-AdrianTheShepard for providing reworked faction UI icons.


HOW TO INSTALL: Go here. Then drop the mod into Frosty Mod Manager and hit apply mods.

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Download '211677-184023-Battlefield 1944 Ver' (515.5MB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 29th September 2022 1:42am

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