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Maps BFV Lost Village Conquest/SP/Co-op

This is   a converted Battlefield 1942 mod map for Desert Combat.   The   download contains  the multiplayer only versio...


Maps Soul Streams

Soul Streams is a SP/Coop/Conquest  Battlefield Vietnam  map.   I noted that  it wasn't available via  GameFro...


Co-Op Overkill Island

Overkill Islandfile:      OVERKILL_ISLAND.rfaSize:      6.58 MBCreated:   ‎03 ‎July ‎2004Overkill Isalnd...


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Maps An Loc Ambush

Introduction:The Battle of An Loc was a major battle of the Vietnam War that lasted for 66 days, and culminated in  a decisive win for...


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Maps BF Vietnam Map - Guang he Tal

Guang he Tal, a BF Vietnam SP/COOP Map.


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Maps Snafu BFV Rain Mappack

Dieses Mappack beinhaltet zwei Karten mit SP/Coop Support und Dauerregen. Mit Installer. * Outposts * Rocket Ridge


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Maps LZ X Ray

LZ X Ray stammt aus dem Singleplayer Mappack B.F.V. FORCEPACK (Platinum)


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Maps Burning City

Burning City wurde von Community-Member The_Snake erstellt und ist eine Stadtkampfkarte. Laut Info des Mappers ist "auf dieser Map Teamplay...


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Maps Arty Party

Der Name ist Programm. Aber vergesst nicht eure eigene Artillerie mitzubringen. SP/Coop Support.


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Maps Bonez Combat

This is a sample of a mod called BonezCombat for Battlefield Vietnam. it contains 3 maps and some custom content (mostly standard models are...


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Maps An Loc Ambush

An Loc Ambush, a BFV SP/Coop-Map.


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Maps Overkill Island

Massive Panzerschlachten erwarten euch auf dieser Karte. Knnt ihr sie berleben?


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Maps Ditched

Ein inspiriertes Remake der BF42 Map Operation Battleaxe. SP/Coop Support.


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Maps Surfin Birds

This map is a Conquest Assault map. The US starts with one base. The NVA starts with 3 control points and 1 base. There are 2 grey flags on...


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Utilities Lag-Fix unofficial

Kleiner inoffizieller Patch, der einige kleine Lag Probleme bedingt durch eine falsche Soundeinstellung beheben soll. Fgt die Zeile "


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Utilities BF Botinator v0.5

The BF Botinator will add simple bots to your Battlefield:1942 or Battlefield:Vietnam map in just a few clicks of the mouse. No knowledge of...


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Maps Firebase Whiskey

Firebase Whiskey stammt aus dem Singleplayer Mappack B.F.V. FORCEPACK (Platinum)


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Maps Steel Tiger

Steel Tiger stammt aus dem Singleplayer Mappack B.F.V. FORCEPACK (Platinum)


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Mods Tiberian Aftermath Client

Knapp anderthalb Jahre werkelten die Tiberian Aftermath Devs an der Fertigstellung einer auf Command & Conquer basierenden Battlefield Vietn...


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Maps US Attack v1.01

Auf der Conquest Map befinden sich 7 Basen, von denen 5 Sttzpunkte einnehmbar sind. Neben dem vielen Wasser, welches Zentral eine groe Rolle...


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Maps Camp Lovely

This is the final version of CAMP LOVELY with many fixed bugs and a worked over look. CAMP LOVELY is a huge map and though it has bot suppor...


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Maps B.F.V. FORCEPACK (Platinum) - Patch v1.0

:: CURRENT UPDATES :: 1. MAJOR OVERHAUL TO OPERATION WHITE STAR a. Added NEW detailed Cliff system for NVA (Spawners added so BOTS will al...


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Maps Island Action

Island Action is a Battlefield: Vietnam map from first time map maker W1L3Y. hey guys.... this is my first bfv map. hope u like it! send me...


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Maps Urban Assault

Ein erbitterter Kampf zwischen den USA und den Vietnamesen steht an.


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Maps Googlefurt Airport *Juni 2007*

Die Juni Version der BFV Map von dzeri ist mal wieder eine Vollversion. Zu den vorhandenen Fliegern gesellen sich ganze drei neue Flugmaschi...


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Maps Jungle Run

Large battlefield in the deep swampy area of Vietnam. Great for massive land battles.


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Maps Defense of Con Thien Coop

Ihr wollt die offizielle Map Defense of Con Thien gerne gegen Bots spielen ? Dann zieht euch den unten verlinkten Botpatch und los geht es ;...


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Maps Night Patrol

Night Patrol stammt aus dem Singleplayer Mappack B.F.V. FORCEPACK (Platinum)


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Maps Mini Payback V2.0

Finaly Mini Payback version 2 has arrived.Well a good map as i judge much better than version 1.0 it was a 'dissapointing' map. Have fun wit...


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Maps mini_Payback v1

This is a map inspired from Call of Duty Black Ops mission Payback.If you have played the mission you will like it. it might not look the sa...


Maps Rambo in Da Jungle

MAP:Rambo in Da JungleSingleplayer only. *Only playable as a US Soldier*Map for Battlefield Vietnam v. 1.21 only.


Mods Fragfield: Vietnam

full Singleplayer/Coop support, and many other features.View the trailer here:



Numbers of Vehicle Spawns, Fog & Light Effects, Custom Bot AI, and an easy-to-install - spyware-free setup .EXE from 'ClickTeam'PLAY ON 50 P...


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Maps Purple Haze

This is a Fictional Map i have been working on for a bit but never got round to posting it. this is my first map i have made so hope you enj...


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Maps Purple Haze

Hi all this my first map ive ever made. This is a fictional map i have been working on for a while. hope you enjoy and give some honest feed...


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Mods Battlefield Balkan Mod



Maps Googlefurt Airport

AWACS Flugzeug (NATO)* Buran Shuttle (CCCP)* Antonov 225 (CCCP)* Antonov 225 mit Buran auf dem Rcken* ATR 72-212 (BH Airlines)* Mi-26 HALO (...


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Maps White fog islands

with an airfield. I'll put screens up later.


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Maps Fog islands

airfield with the AC-47 gunship, there is a temple,that has invisible walls in parts, so sorry for that.


Maps Field_Attack

This latest map from georgehuff is extremely large and packed to the gills with tools of destruction and mayhem.Have Fun!


Maps Quang_City

This Map Has 8 Flags,Has Jeeps,MI8Cargo,UH1Transport,BM21Sam,Big TanksOntos.Watch Out For Gunmen On The Roof Tops.This Map Works Good In Sin...


Maps The_Carrier

ww2 Mod. I Have AlotOf Maps Yet To Upload Have Fun All By WongHungLow Later.



Its a Village Thats In A Crossfire Between The VCs An The USHas TransPort Choppers,Jeeps.An AC47 Bomber.


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Maps Bloody Ridge

This is a remake of the battle of edsons bloody ridge. Its not perfect but thats because i made it in only a few hours.Sorry for the shadow...


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Maps Mount Mc Dougal

A little infantry-map with botsupport.


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Mods CQB Config and List Files

Close Quarter Battle MOD (Beta Ver. 0.9) Config and List Files for BattlecraftVietnam.


Mods BFV 1.21 BTW mod v1 Updater



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Maps Old Glory

an NVA Base witht he same, helis and vehicles for them to pickup.


Mods BTW MiniMod

new originals all are MULTI MODE and the CO-Op AI are Maxed out to the limit.AI Use all equipment, vehicles, weapons etc... Many vehicles ha...


Maps Vietnam Volcano

A volcano in Viet. This map goes through a jungle, and a desert, to cap all the bases. All the e-mails go to me.


Maps =Check the Huts=

==Check_The_Huts== Has Six Flags Lots Of Huts A Down Chinook.With Ammo and Heath Boxes. Have Fun! SinglePlayer runs good on servers.


Maps Night_At_Irving

This is One Of My BF V Maps I Made in Battlecraft Vietnam it is a Irving map Convert For Night It Is Coop multiplayer. Tests Good.Has 6 Fla...


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Maps Jungle Trap

just infantry. If u edit get permission from me. and use my name in credits.HAVE FUN SOLDIERS. NOW DOWNLOAD AND MOVE OUT!!!!


Maps Shootout

Shootout is a small infantry only map set up to emulate a small town in the wild west. It comes with custom music and accoutrements. Check o...


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18 NEW MAPS FOR BATTLEFIELD VIETNAM - Easy to use installer & 100% COOP READY!!! Features Urban, Jungle, Rain, & Air Combat Maps with BOT s...


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Mods PoE1 Linux Server v1.0

The final win server installment of Point of Existence for Battlefield Vietnam.


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Mods PoE1 Win Server v1.0

The final win server installment of Point of Existence for Battlefield Vietnam.


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Mods Point of Existence Client v1.0

The final installment of Point of Existence for Battlefield Vietnam.


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B.F.V. FORCEPACK b.99 - 14 New Co-Op Maps for Battlefield Vietnam - features Urban, Jungle, Riverine, Night Combat, & more.


Single Player BFV SP Map-pack

Here is another map pack designed for your single player gaming pleasure. It contains three maps, all of which work in SP/CO-OP. Enjoy, and...