Battlefield Vietnam

The Battlefield franchise enters a new era equipped with more firepower, modernized weaponry and vehicles, and a deeper infantry experience from the jungles to the beaches of Vietnam. From villages on...

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Name Rating Filesize Downloads
BFV SP Map-pack 11.18MB 191
Burning Jungle sp 24.18MB 154
My BFV 1.6MB 51
BFV Arsenal Full Install Part 2 303.89MB 781
BFV Arsenal Full Install Part 1 239.55MB 919
Rhine River 5.14MB 78
Battle of the Field 3.43MB 137
Omaha Beach Vietnam 3.1MB 206
AIEV 1.3 QuickFix 629KB 195
AI Enhancement Vietnam 22.08MB 538
Gridlock Vietnam Beta 1.1MB 68
Trails 9.58MB 81
BFV Arsenal 375.39MB 1513
Fix for BFV Arsenal 0.40 264KB 761
Mountins of Khe Sanh 27.22MB 375
The Two Houses 851KB 106
Pass To Hanoi 7.21MB 136
=]1ste.elite[=Clan Mod 32.21MB 185
Battlefield Vietnam Wallpapers 17.37MB 178
=]1ste.elite[= Clan Mod 5.75MB 298
Mount Pointy Thing 8.54MB 130
Graveyard 2.1MB 728
AI Extended Vietnam 21.22MB 1997
Clan Training Map 8.06MB 354
AI Extended Vietnam 20.72MB 1205
Battlefield Vietnam Arsenal 73.77MB 2645
AI Enhancement Mod Crosshair Patch 798KB 1724
AI Enhancement Mod v1.0 16.79MB 2503
Hastings Surrounded 9.76MB 1068
Hunting Area 15.03MB 206
Battlefield Vietnam Arsenal v0.30 146.56MB 7216
BFV Bravo Mappack 15.78MB 1296
Movie Style AK-47 Skin 1.08MB 453
Grenademan BFV Mappack 37.48MB 885
The Prison 4.68MB 827
The Prison 4.04MB 213
Delta Creek 1.5MB 328
Burning The Jungle 14.12MB 1887
Jungle River 20.11MB 1560
Asain Scrub 696KB 690
Kirivong 10.07MB 973
Arsenal Config 9KB 868
Battlefield Vietnam Arsenal 45.9MB 2880
Tunnel Town 2.09MB 577
Abandon City 17.65MB 812
Shotgun Arena Knives & Shotguns (Fix) 224KB 217
Shotgun Arena Knife & Shotgun 128KB 300
Shooting Range 515KB 395
Deathmatch Mod 12KB 563
Arsenal Mod 8.65MB 2004