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A new and amazing program is currently in development! It is called Tactical Assault Strategy Planner and is being developed exclusively for FilesNetwork Users by DowN Industries! What does it do I hear u ask! This small yet powerful program allows Clans to plan their strategy before starting the match! Much like a coach would do before a soccer game, drawing images on it and lines saying u go here and do this, cover this area etc! Here’s some of the features that will be included: [quote]Current Features - Ability to Draw Pre Defined Graphics (Stamps), different colors - Connecting lines, different sizes and colors - Network Connectivity, Host can plan out strategy and allow no client interaction or allow selected clients to modify the map - All BF: V Maps in the .tasp File Format allowing for planning of any Original BF: V Map War Planned Features - Support for more stamps, in 'stamp packs' which can be assigned to different games - Chat interface for Network Connections - Saving strategies for use later - Export of a bmp/jpg image of the strategy for post of forums or people who don’t have access to TASP - Timeline feature allowing strategy planners to calculate the time it takes for events to occur, i.e time it takes to travel x distance allowing for accurate planning of choke points and early striking positions - Data Overlay feature allowing you to display important information about a map, such as Flag positions, static artillary, spawn positions etc - Assign specific actions to certain users, that way when clients join network sessions they can receive their own person battleplan, complete with textual orders and other important information - Send your own maps to new users in realtime, if you modify a .tasp map file the changes will be automatically detected and sent to clients who dont have the same map as you do. - Zoom feature, the map to small? want to see the big picture? then this will be handy to size the map to your liking. This is currently what i have planned however as i get feedback from players and users it will likely change![/quote] Tactical Assault Strategy Planner is currently in late alpha early beta stages and the team is looking for people to help test and gather data for the topographical maps! If you want to help out this awesome new program then visit the IRC channel #tasp irc.gamesurge.net.

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