Battlefield Conversion Mod Update - v0.9 Released

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Published by Woolf 16 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
The Battlefield Conversion team has finally released the Battlefield 1942 to Battlefield Vietnam conversion! Take a peek, [quote]The WW2 mod Extended is a conversion of the original Battlefield 1942 to the updated engine of Battlefield Vietnam. The all original maps have been transferred to the new engine. These theaters come to life like never before using the overgrowth and undergrowth that made BFV such a hit. All of the characters, weapons, and vehicles have also been redone to make use of the advanced BFV rendering engine. The original BF1942 content married to the gameplay tweaks introduced in BFV combine to create a whole new Battlefield experience. Mortars add a new dimension to the maps, but the biggest addition are the new flame throwers. These are devastating close range anti-infantry weapons, best used to clear structures or block paths with a wall of flame. They are very effective against scout cars, but are considerably less effective against armored vehicles. Levels included in the WW2mod eXtended: Aberdeen Battleaxe Battle of Britain Battle of the Bulge Berlin Bocage Coral sea El Alamein Gazala Ghostfront (Community Bonus Map) GuadalCanal Invasion of the Philippines Iwo Jima Kharkov Kursk Liberation of Caen Market Garden Midway Omaha Beach Stalingrad Tobruk Wake The levels contain all the vehicles and weapons included in their BF1942 counterparts. All levels are compatible with conquest, single-player, and Co-Op modes unless noted in the known problems section below. [/quote] Download Now!
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