Battlefield Vietnam Arsenal -Mod Update

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Odan Has released another update for us. [quote]Okay, those of you who like playing BfV may be interested in this. If you hadn't already found out about it, the mod BFV Arsenal was designed with improved realism, balance, and teamplay in mind, and the 0.2 release proved to be quite popular. Now here's an update on what's cooking for Version 0.22 of BfV Arsenal. The 0.22 will be a patch, and will be compatible with both version 0.2 and 0.21. After this release Odanan is planning to take a rest, so updates on the mod may be further apart. However, this version of the mod is sure to please - check out the additions and changes below! Note that there may be changes in the list between now and the release of 0.22. List compiled by Odanan, organized by RussianComrade: ADDITIONS: - Added the L1A1 SLR, the weapon of choice for the ANZAC (free custom model by Schmung and texture by Stoke converted to BFV by Odanan). - Added several versions of L1A1: the standard semiauto, the full-auto, the "carbine" and with grenade launcher. - Added the real CAR-15 model, an earlier version of the M-16 for the ARVN. - Added the M1 Carbine for the ARVN Engineer (differs from the M2 Carbine only in the magazine and code). - Added the Japanese light machinegun Type 99 (model and texture from the WW2 mod). It was sometimes found with the Vietcong in the begining of the war. - Added the Australian submachinegun F1. - Added two new armies: the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealander Army) and the ANZAC SAS (Special Forces). Added all the flags, menu icons, names, insignias and new textures. - Added the Chinese Type 63 semiauto rifle. Replaced the PPSh-41 for the NVA engineer (more balanced kit now). - Added the MAC-10 machine-pistol (free custom model and texture by Flakk/Kissle converted to BFV by Odanan). - Added a silenced version of the Carl Gustav m/45. - Added the Bren Light Machine Gun. - Added Sten Mk.II with attached silencer. MAPS: - The exclusive Battle of Long Tan by RussianComrade and Toucinator, featuring the ANZAC RAR. - Marshland Patrol, by a great and perfecionist mapper: The Dark Lord. Edited: replaced US soldiers by ANZAC SAS. - Hamburger Hill, by The Dark Lord. - Operation Starlight, another impressive job by The Dark Lord. FIXES AND CHANGES: - Bug fixed: the grenade launched by vehicles (Cobra, Huey, etc.) in Arsenal with EOD now explodes. - Removed the Colt Commando (more or less identical to the XM-177). - Revised damage system. - Started a partnership with RussianComrade. His work and judgment will affect a lot the mod in the next update. - Texture and model from PPSh edited by RussianComrade. The mod will be around the 30mb mark once it's ready for release. Anyhow, that's all for now, be sure to check out those screenshots![/quote]

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