Battlefield Vietnam Arsenal v0.30 Release

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Well it was promised and here it is. The new Battlefield Vietnam Arsenal v0.30 which adds improved realism, historical accuracy and expanded gameplay to the Battlefield Vietnam and much more. Features: - more than 50 new handweapons used in the Vietnam War, all with realistic and unique behavior; - all vehicles armament and loadout reviewed; - new custom maps; - new factions: ANZAC (Australian and New Zealander), SAS (ANZAC Special Forces), Vietcong Earlyer, Navy Seals and MACVSOG. - all kits reformulated valuing gameplay and historical accuracy; - redefined damage; - and (much) more! Requirements: - This is a mod, so it´s required the Battlefield Vietnam game installed. - You will also need the last version of the game. Get the v1.2 and v1.21 on the official EA Games web site: Changelog: - added M60 "shorty" for the US/ARVN/ANZAC Special forces. Model by Odanan, based on Dice´s M60. - added M16 with grenade launcher (XM148) for the SAS and US Special Forces. Model and Texture by Odanan, based on Dice´s. - US/ARVN/ANZAC kits reviewed. Moved Law to the Rifleman class (random with the Medkit). - Added the Anti-Air and the Special Ops classes. - added random weapons and equipment. - Type 63 now fires in bursts. - new textures for the SAS. Added a second option of body. - added Browning Hi-Power (or L9A1) 9mm pistol by Trigger/Splinter. - added S&W Mod.39 'Hush Puppy' 9mm silenced pistol by Stoke. - added Sterling L2A3 by Splinter Cell/Valve (not the game and not the company). - added Sterling L2A4 (silenced) (model is a modification of the Sterling L2A3). - added Makarov PM pistol for the NVA by Fearfisch/Meltdown. - added a new Remington 870 model by Twinke.Masta/Flamshmizer/Geno. - added a new model for the PPSh-41 by Dav0r/celica. Named in the game as Type 50 (the chinese replica of the PPSh-41) and made a new 35 bullets magazine. - added the L2A1, a support version of the L1A1 SLR, for the ANZAC. The model is the Schmung´s L1A1 modified. - complete new damage system (and it´s not a little thing). Each caliber will have it´s proper damage and each weapon has it´s proper caliber. - splited the ARVN in two factions: ARVN "Earlyer" (with old US WW2 weapons, for the earlyer Vietnam War maps) and ARVN "Later" (better equiped, for the later maps); - splited the VC in two factions: VC "Earlyer" (with old URSS WW2 weapons and poor equiped, for the earlyer Vietnam War maps) and VC "Later" (with better weapons and equipment). - splited the US Special Forces in 3 different factions: MACV/SOG, Navy Seals and Airbourne. - new textures for the Navy Seals. - removed the Carl Gustav model by Pete/Flakk. Replace for a new one (free custom model for CS by Claidheamh converted for BF Vietnam by Odanan). - added Ithaca model 37 shotgun (with duckbill) for the Navy Seals. Model by Der Meister; Texture/Mapping by Odanan. - added Redeye Portable Anti-Air for the US/ARVN. Model by Odanan/Deir Meister; Texture by Odanan (based on Dice´s SA7 model and texture). - added M20 Super Bazooka for a new US Anti-Tank class. Model by Odanan/Deir Meister; Mapping by Odanan, based on the bazooka from the BFV WW2 Mod/BF1942. - added the small CAR-15 Survival Rifle. In latter updates it will be one of the few kits to get the parachute. - added 38 revolver for a new and worst equiped faction: Earlyer Vietcong. Model and Texture by Odanan, based on Dice´s 44 magnum. - added US Time Bomb for the US Special Ops class. Model by Odanan, based on Dice´s models. - added the Howitzer artillery for the US/ARVN. Model and texture by Odanan based on Dice´s models. - added Winchester mod 70 sniper rifle for US Marines. Model and Texture by Odanan, based on Dice´s M40. - added a "bamboo" knife for the Vietcong. Model by Deir Meister; Mapping and texture by Odanan. - added the US Navy Underwater knife, for the Navy Seals. Model by Deir Meister; Mapping and texture by Odanan. - added the vietnamese smg K-50. It is made (like the real one) with parts of the PPSh-41 and the MAT-49. - added new menu overlays for the Navy Seals soldiers. - added new textures for the Navy Seals weapons (M40 and M21). - closed the hatch of the M113 and Onthos to protect drivers against small arms. - about maps: because of the increased complexity of the mod, some maps of the older versions now are too laggy, so they was removed from 0.30. If you have the old versions of the game, you still can play these maps (Hamburger Hill, Operation Starlight, La Palude Notte Redux). Also removed the Radio Nguyen (waiting for CO-OP support). - new maps: .Jungle Ghosts (the SAS in a map with no control points hunting the VC tunnels), by RussianComrad. .Defending the Port (staring the Navy Seals. They need to defend a port against a brutal amphibious/armored NVA assault), by RussianComrad/Toucinator. .Long Tan (new version), by RussianComrad (now historical accurated: the aussies in their most famous battle in Vietnam). .A Walk in The Light Green, by RussianComrad/Toucinator (the ANZAC in a remake of the old Battle of Long Tan). .Operation FUBAR, by RussianComrad/Toucinator. - custom maps still in the mod: .Danh To Crossing. .Ky Hoang Thunder. .Marshland Patrol. [url=";78458"]Download NOW![/url]
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