Battlefield Vietnam Official Update!!

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Hey there guys! More news on 1.2 so read on!! [quote]The Action’s Getting Hotter in Battlefield Vietnam™ Ten-hut, soldier! It’s time to re-up for more fearsome action in the jungle. In September, Digital Illusions and Electronic Arts are releasing version 1.2 for Battlefield Vietnam. Once again the Battlefield team has outdone itself by providing players with an unprecedented amount of new content and features; v1.2 offers three new maps, more firepower, and an all-new multiplayer feature. From the NVA’s elaborate tunnel networks to Saigon’s war-torn streets, engage the enemy with nine powerful new armaments. Dominate the skies in a prop-driven A1 Skyraider, command a T-72 heavy battle tank in support of your infantry, man a chaingun in a circling AC-47, or defend your base with quad .50 caliber anti-aircraft machine guns. The number of weapons at your disposal has never been greater! Take the Fight Underground Your nerves will be tested to the max as you pursue the enemy into dark, confined tunnel passages crisscrossing beneath the battlefield. With hidden or well-camouflaged entrances, these tunnels can be a huge asset to your team, allowing you to move undetected from one hotspot to another—as well as providing access to ammunition and health supplies. Expect heavy resistance when trying to secure tunnels, as the opposition will recognize their strategic value as well. In addition to tunnels, you will encounter an extensive concrete sewer system under Saigon. Access tunnels and storm drains open up into large mechanical and electrical rooms, allowing for intense subterranean firefights. Capture these areas, and your team might be able to control the city. Open Warfare in the City As the battle rages below, urban warfare explodes on the streets of Saigon. Lead a team from house to house and room to room as you fight to capture the city. Maneuver your tanks to guard the buildings, call in helicopter support to clear the streets, and use a well-aimed mortar round or bazooka blast to take out enemies lurking in the alleys or on rooftops. In the fields outside of Saigon, go head-to-head with the enemy in massive armored clashes. For the first time, tanks play a major role in Battlefield Vietnam and offer the potential for large-scale WWII-style assaults. Command a Patton, Sheridan, or T-72, and eliminate opposition on the roads and airfields as your team advances across rice paddies and through villages. Or lead all of your team’s armor in an assault on the enemy base. Keep Track of your Friends New maps and vehicles aren’t the only thing offered in v1.2. It also includes the option to apply unique color settings to screen names in your buddy list. Once buddies have been added to the list, you can manually adjust the RGB color settings of their screen names. The unique colors you’ve applied then appear in both the mini-map and 3D map! Jump In… the Action’s Getting Hotter The new content and features offered by version 1.2 heighten the intensity of the Southeast Asian conflict. More maps, more vehicles, and more weaponry make this download a must for any fan of the game. With this significant upgrade, the Battlefield team has again proven its dedication to providing the community with the best in multiplayer arcade-style warfare.[/quote] Very cool! Can't wait! :rock:

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