Battlegroup Vietnam Update

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The Battlegroup Vietnam mod has a rather large new update for us today. Take a look, [quote] Battlegroup42 for BF:V News - U.S. Tanks of Battlegroup42 for BF:V This week, we'd like to share with you some of the U.S. Armor of Battlegroup42 as it appears in the BF:V engine. We are proud of our armor models and texturing and are happy to share these screenshots from the forthcoming release. The US enjoyed an advantage in the Pacific Theater with their armor. Japan had concentrated a lot of resources on their ships (such as the largest ever battleship, the Yamato). This, in turn resulted in less attention being paid to their tanks. This proved a fatal mistake as the American tanks were an extremely dangerous opponent with their thicker armor and better firepower. The standard tank for the early part of the war in the Pacific was the M3 Stuart, with its 37mm gun, so we have converted our BG42 version. This conversion includes the coaxial turret top 30cal MG and front hull MG positions. Improvements include the addition of normalmaps and an exhaust smoke effect. Future versions planned include the M3 Stuart Satan flamethrower tank and the M5A1 Stuart with its thicker armor. As the war progressed the Stuart was gradually replaced in the front line by the M4A3 Sherman with its thicker armor and 75mm gun. We are using the Sherman from the BFV_WW2Mod with its normal maps, but we have added a front hull MG position and an exhaust smoke effect. As well as using tanks, the Marines, of course, fielded a variety of amphibious vehicles, including the LVT4 (Landing Vehicle Tracked) softskin Amtrac. However, appearing in our Iwo Jima map, you'll be able to hit the beach firing a "big gun" with the LVT(A)1 Amtank, armed with the turret from a Stuart tank Also appearing on our Iwo Jima map is the M4A3 Sherman Ronson Flametank. This uses the flamethrower code which was originally developed for the BG-Vietnam mini-mod, the first release of a flamethrower on the BFV engine, and which was later adapted to the BF42 engine for BG42 1.0. [/quote] That's all for the Vietnam side of the mod. Thid is looking really great and I hope to see the final release soon!

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