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RussianComrade has a update showing off 2 new map for the BFV arsenal mod.
A quick update from the BFV Arsenal team just to show off 2 new maps that will be included exclusively in the mod: Defending the Port and Operation FUBAR. Defending the Port debuts the US Navy SEALs in their attempt to hold a river port against amphibious attack. The NVA realises that control of this port is critical for safe passage of supplies by the river, and has launched an all-out assault during a thunderstorm to try and retake it with amphibious tanks, helicopters, and APCs. The SEALs will be hard-pressed defending the port, with no armour support and limited anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. The map features falling rain and howitzers modeled by Odanan. Operation FUBAR is set shortly before the Tet Offensive of 1968. An ARVN outpost near the city of Hue has been surrounded by VC troops intent on capturing the outpost to slow any counterattacks made by the US following Tet. The ARVN troops, only having support from a single APC, must try to hold the outpost and the defensive lines. It won't be easy though - the VC have tunneled all around the outpost and are coming from all directions. The map features an all-new sky by RussianComrade. Both maps were made by Toucinator and RussianComrade, and support Conquest and Coop modes.
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