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The BFV Arsenal mod is back. And guess what. They have brought a bunch of screenshots with them from the upcoming 0.32. update! Check it out! [quote]It's been a while since you last heard from the BFVA team, so here's a quick update on the goodies to be seen in the next release. Maps are going to be the main addition of the upcoming Arsenal update, but there's also a few other items in store and possibly even more weapons between now and the release of 0.32. The first lot of screenshots are from a new map by SecretCommando named Assault on Phou Sang. This is a massive, very open map with something for nearly everyone - helicopters, light and heavy tanks, planes, and transport vehicles. The central aspect of this map is the canyon and the odd hill directly in the center of the canyon formation. Battle will also ensue in the outposts around the outskirts of the canyon and other areas of interest. With an enormous playing area and plenty of vehicles, Assault on Phou Sang will be a favourite for large-scale battles. Phou Sang will also feature one of BFV Arsenal's new vehicles - the MiG-19 fighter for the NVA. Phou Sang Evening follows in Assault on Phou Sang's footsteps, but is geared more around infantry. There are a few heavy tanks and a plane for each side, but the majority of vehicles are transports. You'll need to hitch a ride in these transports to the flagzones and then fight it out on foot. Use of the plane and tanks on your side to disrupt the enemy transport convoys is a vital to securing a victory. Again, this is made by SecretCommando. Next up is Operation FUBAR: Night. It's a variation of the original Operation FUBAR, but this time, yes you guessed it, at night. Both teams are fairly worn down, with heavy weapons like machine guns, rocket launchers, and grenade launchers in limited supply. Both the ARVN and Viet Cong start with heavily damaged tanks, so the engineers on both sides should invest their time in bringing the AFVs back up to full fighting strength before the tanks enter combat. Map by Toucinator and RussianComrade. The Breakout is a joint effort between 3 of the biggest contributors to BFV Arsenal's mapping department - SecretCommando, Toucinator, and RussianComrade. US Army forces have received orders to fall back to Saigon in preperation for the evacuation, but on the afternoon of their departure they are surrounded by elements of the North Vietnamese Army. The US Army is now under pressure to break out from the strangehold, but with the NVA fielding T-72 heavy tanks and helicopter support, it won't be easy. This map will also showcase the updated Mi-8. It is now back to having 2 rocket pods, but the copilot can now dish out incredible damage with a coaxial machine gun and a pair of AT-2 anti-tank guided missiles. Last but not least, The Bridge by RussianComrade is another addition to the new maps. A late-war struggle for a bridge on a vital supply route sees NVA and US forces go head-to-head. Both sides have access to the very best technology such as the RPK, T-72, Ontos, and Cobra. While the attacks must progress in a very linear fashion, first securing the land on the player's side of the bridge then attacking the bridge itself, flanking is a possibility with the use of the Sampans and P.B.Rs. That's all for now, but stay tuned for more updates and a release in the future![/quote]

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