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BFV Arsenal Update

16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Well, it's time for another of those mod updates...this one for BFV Arsenal. For those of you who've never heard of the mod or haven't paid much attention to it before, Arsenal aims to promote a more realistic experience for Battlefield Vietnam. Since Version 0.13 came out in June 2006, the mod has been expanding rapidly with lots of new features for players to enjoy and give them a better Vietnam experience. These features include a reworked damage system, reworked kits, a review of the game's vehicles, plenty of new weapons, and a selection of great custom maps. The up and coming release of Version 0.3 promises even more content for you, here's a list of what's cooking: NEW STUFF: - added Browning L9A1 9mm pistol - added S&W Mod.39 'Hush Puppy' 9mm silenced pistol - added Sterling L2A3 - added Sterling L2A4 (silenced). - added M16A1 with grenade launcher (XM148) for the SAS - added Redeye Portable Anti-Air for the US/ARVN - added M60 "shorty" for the US/ARVN/ANZAC Special forces - added randomization code for weapons and equipment - new textures for the SAS. Added a second option of body - added Makarov PM pistol for the NVA - added .38 revolver for a new and worst equiped faction: Earlier Vietcong. - added a new Remington 870 model - added extra passenger seats to the T-54 and Patton tanks - added the Browning M2 .50cal heavy machine gun - added a stationary Degtyarev DP1928 machine gun - new map: Jungle Ghosts by RussianComrade - new map: Defending the Port by RussianComrade and Toucinator CHANGES: - Moved muzzle flash back on Sten Mk.II - More fitting reload sounds for the M3A1 Greasegun, Carl Gustav m/45 and m/45 Silenced (MP40 reload sound from WWII mod) - AI tank crews will now prefer the coaxial machine gun for taking out infantry, and will use the main gun against cars and other AFVs - AI tweaks on certain weapons - AI will use weapons from a longer distance where appropriate, use their pistols and knives, use the XM-148 and M-79 grenade launchers, and will no longer consider the SA-7 a useful anti-infantry weapon. - Browning M2 and Stationary M-60 now have 100-round magazines - Moved muzzle flash back on CAR-15 Early Model - Moved muzzle flash back on M3A1 Greasegun - Corrected muzzle flash on L1A1 and L1A1 Automatic version - Corrected muzzle flash on M1-D Garand - Renamed Bar 1918 kill message to M1918 B.A.R. - Fixed wrong magazine on the CAR-15 Early in 1st person view - Changed RPG-2 and RPG-7 warhead model inflight to show the actual rocket rather than a generic blob - complete new damage system (and it´s not a little thing). Each caliber will have it´s proper damage. - US/ARVN/ANZAC kits reviewed. Removed Anti-Tank class - Rifleman will now get either the L.A.W. or medkit (random code determines what they get) - split the ARVN in two factions: ARVN "Earlier" (with old US WW2 weapons, for the earlier Vietnam War maps) and ARVN "Later" (better equiped, for the later maps); - split the VC in two factions: VC "Earlier" (with old USSR WW2 weapons and poor equiped, for the earlier Vietnam War maps) and VC "Later" (with better weapons and equipment). - split the US Special Forces in 3 different factions: MACV/SOG, Navy Seals and ARVN Rangers. (List compiled by Odanan & RussianComrade) The V0.3 will be a full install - no previous versions are required. It should be released during February 2007.

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