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Battlefield Vietnam's official website has posted up a new community update for us. They discuss a new tournament and a few popular mods. Read on, [quote] Announcing the Battlefield Vietnam World Tournament Do you and your friends have a strong clan? Do you want to compete with the best the world has to offer? With awesome prizes like Geforce 6800 video cards and EA Games on the line, we encourage you and your team to sign up for the Battlefield Vietnam World Tournament. Participants in the Battlefield Vietnam World Tournament will compete in a 10-on-10 format (12 player total teams) and will get to represent their country against opponents from other parts of the world. The winner will get global bragging rights and some truly cool stuff. For more information, follow the link below: World Tournament BFV Mod Updates It's been a busy couple of weeks for the Battlefield Mod Community. We had a number of strong releases come out a the end of October, and each if them is worth downloading, so we thought we'd give a small shout-out to each of them. First off is a mod that made its first appearance on the Battlefield 1942 engine, Eve of Destruction. Making their first release in BFV, this popular mod really makes great use of BFV features (like the overgrowth system for trees and improved helicopter controls) to flesh out their gameplay. Be sure to check out their night levels for extra tense action. Kudos to your team, EoD devs. Find out more at: EOD. Second off is a mod we have talked about a few times in this space, also making the move from BF1942 to BFV -- the HomeFront mod. Anyone interested in science-fiction settings should give this one a look. Don't TK, though, as they have implemented an anti-TK system better than in most retail games. Make sure you try out all the different energy weapons they've implemented in order to see their fantastic FX work. Outstanding work, fellas. Find out more at: Homefront. Finally, last but not least, we have the DICE City Mod. We've also talked about this mod a bit in the past, and they are especially interesting to us as, like the Interstate mods, they have taken the risk of moving their gameplay into urban environments where you are unlikely to see a tank or napalm. Be sure to check out the sweet Semi trucks (use the winch to connect tractor to trailer) and the motorcycles (press the Right Mouse Button to wheelie). Great stuff guys. Find out more at: DICE CITY. In order not to leave anyone out, we'd also like to send a small note of congratulations to the Insurrection 1776 team, who released a version of their mod earlier in the month. Keep it up fellas, you're on the right track. Until next time, this is EAComMike signing off for the rest of the Battlefield team! [/quote] Great Update! If you haven't downloaded these mods I strongly recommend them. You can get EOD here. You can get Homefront here. You can get Dice City here.
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