Eve of Destruction - v0.15 Released (BFV) 0.45 Released (BF1942)!

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Eve of Destruction was released today for BFV. You will need to delete all the old files before starting up v0.15...[quote]Okay, here it is.. Public Beta of v.15. This is a full install. Be sure to remove any previous versions of EoD for BFV from your Battlefield VietnamMods folder - that would be v.10. They are not compatible. Now.. there are some known issues with this build. We will be making a small patch to fix things as people report back problems. The first known issue is with the map An_Loa_Valley. The map will load and play fine, but CTD when the flag at the Moutain Top is captured by the Aussie Team. This has to do with a vehicle that does not spawn in until that flag is captured. (The vehicle has a problem and has been removed from the next version of the map.) We have also had some reports of Au_Shau_Valley causing a CTD. However, I have NOT been able to replicate that one. You may find some maps with floating vegetation, a tree or two out of place and that sort of thing. I have done alot of cleanup work on alot of maps, but there are always things like that we miss. In the meantime. Enjoy what we have for you this release. I will get the bugs cleaned up as they are reported.[/quote]This is awesome!! All download links are coming! Download Center!

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