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The Global-Conflict website has made an update today. It's about the new tournament they will be having tomorrow. Here's what they said:
First of all, let me say what a great campaign it has been. For those that don't know I'll do a brief rundown of Campaign 7. It's funny how it's worked out though, with a few exceptions the campaign although obviously not meaning to, has actually followed history quite nicely. At the begining of the campaign the Axis went on the offensive in brute force cutting down all Allied defenses in her path, terroritory after terroritory fell before the mighty Axis army. The Allies were reeling from losing so many terroritories within the first month of the campaign, that something had to be done. Within the span of a few weeks the Axis offensive began to wan just within sight of total victory. At it's peak the Axis controlled 65% of the world map, another 5% held for two weeks, the campaign would have been over two months ago. But then something happened... The Allies who had been suffering from an organizational nightmare had finally picked themselves up off the ground bruised and battered. They began to fight back the Axis as they prepared their 'final offensive'. The final offensive that was to end the campaign, infact became sort of a Stalingrad type situation as the Allies actually turned the tide of the offensive and stopped it cold. The next week the Allies began their own attacks on newly gained Axis terroritory. For a couple of weeks both sides fought bitterly as terroritory was gained, lost, then regained continously. The Axis began to fall into a defensive mode and took less gambles as before. This only helped the Allies get the confidence they sorely needed... and so they began their true offensive apon the Axis. This time the Axis countries were on the receiving end. Terroritory after terroritory began to fall, during this the Axis soldiers began to lose heart, but not spirit... they fought on bitterly as the odds stacked up against them... the war had turned against them. Finally it has come down to this, the Allies have advanced on all fronts, our once mighty army has been destroyed and we sit on the eve of the Allied final offensive. This is where the similarity between history and how this campaign has gone end. Unlike history where the Axis fought to the last man, this time... we're chosing the wise man's way. This has been a rollercoaster of a campaign, one of the best I've ever seen. I've had the honor and privledge of leading the Axis army for the past month. They are all great soldiers and fantastic people each and every one. The acts of bravery and comebacks in the odds of terrible defeat have been numerous in number... and won't be forgotten. So as all honorable soldiers must, I believe it wouldn't be fitting to create an illusion of ourselves that would hurt everything we accomplished this campaign. Since it is now my army... and thus now my decision alone. I will be the first to do the following: *Reaches to his holster and pulls out his Walther pistol and puts it down on the table* Let that be the symbol of my offical surrender of the Axis Armed Forces. It is my honorable duty to preserve the well begining of my troops, therefore in the face of overwhelming odds, all Axis Armed Forces will be surrending forthwidth. To the Allies: Everyone of you contributed to this victory which you all have earned ten times over. Whenever things were at their darkest you guys shined through. The odds all of you overcame to come to this conclusion is by far and away the biggest comeback that Global Conflict has ever seen. As soldiers you are all professional and as people you are all honorable. It was a pleasure to fight against you in some of the closet matches ever played. To Thur and the Allied High Command: What has been accomplished by you guys has been nothing short of amazing. Turning around an entire army in order to inspire them to turn the tide of a losing campaign. The fact that all of you kept the spirit to fight on showed that the real burden of winning or losing fell onto your shoulders. It was an honor to match wits with you guys in tactical and strategic bouts. *Salute* To the Axis Army: To all of you within the Axis Army... you have fought a long and bitter fought campaign. From days where we felt victory within our grasp as we won victory after victory. Up until the string of heavily losses of recent... all of you have fought you best and done all you could to try and turn it back into our favor. But sometimes such things aren't meant to happen. We fought in and came extremely close to winning the closet campaign ever in Global Conflict. For that alone is something to be proud of. Everyone of you deserve a medal for the performance the Army has done. Infact I've never seen so many medals given out to an army before... so that alone shows a testiment to our resolve. Each and everyone of you are great people and soldiers. I know I've only been the General of the Axis Army for a month, but in that time I've seen amazing things from each of you. The final win on Bizory Farm was a statement that I'm sure the Allies heard well, that we may have been down but not out. Of course I know many of you feel bad about the outcome and us being forced to surrender. But remember even in surrendering it doesn't deny you the fact that you all gave your all this campaign. It is better to admit defeat than to continue fighting on a lie. There is no lie, we have lost this campaign. But in what we lost, we gained much over. We had our share of great victories. And for that I am proud of you all. It has been my greatest honor to lead all of you on the field of battle. *Salute* With all of that said. I would like to say to everyone at Global Conflict that this has definately been a campaign to remember. And that both sides did excellent this campaign. And I look foward to the next one. This has been one of the best times I've ever had at Global Conflict. Win or lose... it was a hell of alot of fun. Until next campaign.
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