Letter From WCC Concerning Enhanced DC and POE

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We have recieved a letter from the administration of WCC concerning the events suroounding Enhanced DC and POE. Please read on as this is something both sides are taking very seriously.
Upon preliminary investigation, this is what the WCC administration has uncovered. 1. The Modding Team Cross referenced the BF 1942 platform as the guide for the Enhanced DC mod. 2. POE is based on Battlefield Vietnam Platform, not Battlefield 1942. 3. Enhanced DC is based on Battlefield 1942. 4. While the games may appear similar, the coding is different. Vehicles and aircraft cannot be interchanged due to file dynamic differences. 5. Models in question can be purchased from the following sites: http://www.3dmodelworks.com/ and http://www.3dcafe.com. 6. Certain vehicle/aircraft values may undoubtably be the same due to default game characteristics. 7. Battlefield Vietnam effects were simulated in the Enhanced DC mod. 8. While http://www.wccsquad.com hosts various maps and mods, all maps and mods are owned by their respective owners. 9. While Greenbud is not our lead modder, nor is he part of the WCC Modding team, he is responsible for certain map contributions. All decisions regarding the Enhanced DC Mod are made solely by the WCC Modding team. 10. All models were purchased legally. Flight characteristics are inherent to represented models used. If there are any questions feel free to post your concerns in our forums at http://www.wccsquad.com. You can also pm Big_O, Thrasher, Badploy or Preacher*1013*.
This is the official word from WCC. We ask that all commenters respect this site's commenting rules. Thank-you.
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