Napalm Dawn Tourny Opens

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The great people over at have opened their tournament to the public to register. You may ask what is the Napalm Dawn tournament all about? Well here you go.
Napalm Dawn is a tournament-style campaign game for Battlefield Vietnam. Unlike a clan ladder or other online tournaments, Napalm Dawn players will participate in a simulated war, complete with commanding officers, divisions, and a grand strategy map showing the progress of the war from week to week. Think of it as a cross between a strategy board game and a first-person shooter, where you can immerse yourself in realistic combat environments and strategy. How Napalm Dawn works Players will join an army (US or NVA) and be assigned to one of that army's divisions. Each army will have a commanding officer whose job it is to make strategic decisions on where his divisions will fight, and once or twice a week the divisions will fight battles with the opposing army on maps representing the territory being fought for. The progress of the war is displayed on a strategy map where territories change color based on which army controls them. These battles are not just little one hour clan matches. They're full-fledged BATTLES, each lasting 12 hours, during which time players may come and go, so that you may play as much or as little as you please. The Scope of Napalm Dawn Initially, Napalm Dawn will be run on a fairly small scale as we work out some of the details in a beta test. Thus, our initial game will most likely be limited to a single theatre of the war. As the game develops and as new resources for the game become available, we will add other theatres, ultimately including every inch of the theater in which the Vietnam War was waged.
So hurry on over to and enlist today!
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