New BFV Mod by Guus

By thecheeseman 15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Guus has started work on a new mod for BFV and needs your help! [quote] Ladies and Gentleman, I have started work on a new mod for BFV. The idea is to use inspiration from the game, "World in Conflict." It adds a new faction, new weapons, and a Risk-like World Conquer Mode, where you can be the commander of an army of men, fighting against the other factions. Factions are (for Now) :USSR :NATO :US Army Note that each of the factions has splinter groups like infantry, armor, air, and support. If you want more info just email me and the Eyeball Studios team at [email protected] We do not have a definite release date specified, only ideas. We will first release a Public Beta test on this site. Any experienced modder willing to cooperate with us is welcome! [/quote]

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