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Napalm Dawn The great people over at Napalm Dawn have sent in this news. In the news it had a few different options for quotes I could use, but seeing as they writers all deserve some credit for the great submissions, I will post all the stories:
==================================News Option #1 =================================Vietnam… the jungle, the heat, the rain, the ever-present rattle of gunfire in the distance…. Join the battle today at From the creators of 21st Century Warfare ( and Battle For Europe (, a whole new era of intense action on land air and sea awaits you in the South-East Asian jungles of Vietnam. Fight with your friends both new and old from the Ho Chi Min Trail to Hanoi. Sign up today to fight for the liberation of your country from foreigners with the NVA and the feared Viet Cong. Or join the forces determined to preserve the free world at all costs with the US Army and elite Green Beret. Experience full on 25 on 25 action deep in the jungle over epic 12-hour engagements. Feel the rattle of your MiG as you fire off hundreds of rounds of cannon fire at your foes. Hear the footsteps of your enemy as they walk cautiously into your ambush. Join now… and be forever changed under the sun of a Napalm Dawn. -by 3|1US|Forge, a NapalmDawn Player ==================================News Option #2 =================================From the producers of the Desert Combat tournament,; the Forgotten Hope tournament,; and the Galactic Conquest tournament,, you are now faced with Napalm Dawn, a "Battle Field: Vietnam" tournament! There are places where the ordinary player isn't enough; there is a place where YOU are wanted. The war has begun in Vietnam and the armies are calling for your reinforcements. Whether you choose NVA or USA, you will participate in elaborate battles lasting 12 hours, between 2 entire battalions! Fight on as aircraft flies overhead giving close air support; tanks roll by with guns blazing; artillery screaming overhead pounding the forces in front of you; helicopters dropping in platoon after platoon of troops... what more can you ask for? How about a TeamSpeak server for you and your fellow soldiers to communicate (hosted 24/7), and forums for each unit.... A real time rank structure supported by promotions as the battles pass, medals for bravery and combat, prove your self as the best! Whether you want to be the General of your own Division, or a ground pounder spilling enemy blood over the battlefield, there is a place for you in this tournament. Did I mention the lag free servers? How about custom maps to give you the ULTIMATE playing experience? Don't forget realistic playing grounds, the only thing uncertain is which side is going to win. THAT is up to YOU! Join the battle for Vietnam, change the past and make the future... it's your choice. -by Miller, a NapalmDawn Player ==================================News Option #3 =================================Vietnam...the war that pitted the American troops against not only VietCong troops, guerilla warfare, and the heat of a jungle never seen before...but it divided America and had a tremendous impact on our Freedoms. I invite you to join in on the battle first hand, without ever applying for a passport! Select your Force, American or Vietnamese and engage in warfare like you have never experienced! Here at MFOTS Tournaments, we strive to promote a great atmosphere, strong command structure similar to the actual military being portrayed, and above Many players are veterans of past MFOTS Tournaments as well as fresh recruits that arrive daily. MFOTS has enacted the draft and He wants YOU! This Tournament is open to all players, regardless if you are in a clan or just enjoy a bit of gaming. Once you arrive at Camp MFOTS, you will report to your specified CO and start training! For 12 long hours, your Battalion will battle enemy forces in the depths of the Vietnam jungle. Here, you can expect organized teamplay, utilizing TeamSpeak2 Communications and a full chain of command. For those of you who are tired of the 'pub' servers, play with the largest online tournament holder on the Internet, with players who enjoy serious gaming and well developed strategies. In the darkness of the jungle, whom will you side with? I will see you soon, under the sun of a Napalm Dawn... -by DarkLaw, a NapalmDawn Player
So i strongly suggest you check them out!
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