New Versions Of Black Bag Ops Server Manager Released

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Kevin from Black Bag Ops has released his latest and possibly final version of the Black Bag Ops Server Manager for both Battlfield 1942 and Vietnam. Read on, [quote] I've posted BxSM beta 4i on the download pages. This release adds support for all outstanding BxSM functions in BVSM(D) including in-game admin, PB GUIDs, PB GUID banning, banned-words-in-chat-messages, and the new server settings in BFV v1.2.
  • Fixed bug where only --admin-- users could edit CC settings on the server
  • Fixed bug allowing unauthorised users to issue in-game admin commands (Windows only)
  • Added compatibility for BF1942 v1.61 and BFV v1.21
  • Added support for final Tickets values in BVSM(D) statistics CSV file
  • Added setting for number of auto-kick-language warnings
  • Added setting for server Spawn Delay to Game dialog page
  • Added support for new spectator server settings in BFV 1.2
  • Added server password to "Password" display field on Status page
  • Added new "Export player list" command to player menu
  • BxRM will now remember the state of the "Save password" checkbox between runs [b]Please note:[/b] Server console feedback in the BFV server is somewhat less than 100% reliable. As a consequence in-game administration and other BxSM services that rely on console feedback can be appear to be "flaky" at times. For example, chat messages are not always passed back to BVSM for processing and so some in-game admin commands just won't be recognised. There is nothing you can do when this happens except to issue the command again. This is the last planned release of the BBO Battlefield Server Management utilities. I am not expecting to see anymore patches from EA/DICE for either BF1942 or BFV but I may do another release in the future to maintain the operational status of these programs if need be and time permits. I will also take this opportunity to announce that BBO will [b]not[/b] be producing a server manager for Battlefield 2. I did offer EA to produce a BF2-compatible version of BxSM over the summer holidays but they declined my offer. The bottom-line here is I cannot pay my way through university by spending all my spare time working for free so here I must stop and "get a real job". The good news is I have been working with DICE on and off over the past year on a new back-end system for the BF2 servers (look for my name in the BF2 credits). This new Python-based scripting engine will offer BF2 server admins great customisability and power in the administration of BF2 servers. As always, my thanks go to the BBO Test Team and to all the ardent BBO supporters out there. We couldn't have done it without you! I look forward to the arrival of BF2 and returning to the rank and file as a simple footsoldier once more. [/quote] Although it's great to see this latest release of this valuable tool, It's also sad to know that it won't be continuing on to BF2. I wish Kevin the best of luck with his future plans and extend our thanks for his time in making this program for us. Check out his site here for the latest versions.
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