Total War Promo Video!

18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The Total War Point of Existence Tournament have sent us in a new promotional video for the event. Take a look, [quote] Your teammates are being mowed down my heavy fire, your armor support destroyed by incoming artillery rounds. As you approach your target you find twenty five enemies waiting to crush your attack. You throw your grenades and lead the assault that could cost you everything or be the triumph of your online gaming career. Welcome to Total War. Twelve hours of the most intense wargaming experience ever await you here, with 25 on 25 weekly battles that will blow your mind. Ever wanted to be a soldier? This is your chance. A realistic command structure gives you the chance to rise through the ranks from private all the way to general. Using the Point of Existence modification for Battlefield Vietnam you and your teammates, whether they be Russian or American, battle every week for virtual Central African territory. A custom made tournament minimod provides you with the smoothest and most balanced Battlefield Vietnam experience ever. Join the fight at www.Total-War.com and experience the best that organized online gaming has to offer. [/quote] Great looking video and an even better looking event they have going here. Click here to check out their new video.

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