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Conquest Hue City Tet

Hue City Tet is a push map. As you approach the Enemy's Main, his forces get tougher. ( you spawn him Better weapons as you approach ) U...


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Conquest THE BRIDGE 1.2

This is a total war map. There are 8 Flags: 2 main bases and 6 neutral control points to capture. The Main bases are untakeble because con...


Conquest Evacuation of Saigon

This map is set around the American Embassy in Saigon an its evacuation in 1975. An explanation of how the map works is included on the map-...


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Conquest POE Battle for Haiya

he city of Haiya is the only rail junction joining the North and South lines to the Eastern Port of Sudan. Russian and American war planners...


Conquest POE None But The Brave

This is a conquest only map This map was made for use in the total war tournament and was made with teamwork in mind. Both the north and...


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Conquest River of Blood

We lost contact with our PBR base up river 12 hours ago, we sent one of our Chinooks to investigate and it was shot down an hour ago in de...


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Conquest Mossberg

This is a map using Mossberg. A battle is performed underground. VC should stretch, wait for and turn down a trap.


Conquest Battle Oak Beta2

It is 1969, and a severe windstorm in Vietnam has knocked down thousands of trees, cutting off communication and supply lines to a remote U....


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Conquest Armoured Assault

A Big map with loads of armour, There are 7 flags three US, three NVA and one on a hill which is neutral. Also supports bots.


Conquest My Lai Massacre

Story: The events that occured at My Lai were not really a battle but a massacre, the map's name was chosen to remind us of the events that...


Conquest Dienbienphu

Battle of Dien Bien Phu. Fairly small map. It should be good for around 16 players. It would probably hold more... if you're into pure...


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Conquest Tinkle Islands

The NVA and US continue to fight for control of a key supply base within a string of islands. This map has been in an out of development sin...


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Conquest Ghost Village

DC_Lost_Village Revisited. Night infantry/chopper. Control Points have the same coordinates of one of the most played map of BF: DC_Lost_V...


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Conquest Fields Of Ashawawa

The Vietnamese start in an encampment in the south, they must first take the neutral field. After that, they must watch out for snipers on t...


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Conquest US Airbase Alpha

So this is a verry nice map, ive did ages over it, and with the new patch No more m60 shoot-outs!!! so this map is small but big :d.


Conquest Da Nang Bravo

Created by: ELIAS of Bravo Company (BC) Da_Nang BRAVO This is a maximum sized yet highly detailed map with multiple skirmish areas and...


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Conquest Gloria

With "Gloria" US marine V.S NVA fight! Big map with a city two villages jungle and many tanks helicopters cannons and bunkers.


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Conquest Air Bonanza-patch

BFVietnam map - Air Bonanza, new map version (1.1) This 'patch' will make the Air Bonanza map more chopper friendly, removing 2 of the...


Conquest Mogadishu

Map: Mogadishu Designer: Nsweds Mogadishu is close-combat, urban warfare set in the African city made infamous by the tragedy depicted...


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Conquest Rats Ambush

description : a good conquest map with 2 bases and a centre base nice and textured and a fun map so check it out :)!


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Conquest Devils Island

This is a very basic assault map, with only one chopper, so it's mainly close infantry combat. There are 2 uncapturable outposts, and o...


Conquest Delta Villages

Delta Villages Delta Villages ia a Head to head map, The Long Shadows...


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Conquest Nuoc Thanh

This vital area of the river contains the main tributaries for the entire Mekong Delta area. It also has a number of Holy sites, which we kn...


Conquest Base

Base is a night map but is well lit (iwo jima ww2 mod style) and has edited textures for models and vegetation in order to suit the night...